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How To Calibrate A Gripper In Lbs?


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I've just got 3 new grippers, a #1.5, #2.5 and a #3. I'd like to know the true rating of these grippers as I've seen some people say that their grippers is rated a #2.78 etc. Is there a process for finding out where your gripper ranks on this scale? I know some people use devices and hang weights from the gripper but I don't have any equipment like this. Does taking a measurement of the gripper handle widths have any indication on how a gripper rates?

The last few #3s I've owned have all had a wider spread than my other grippers. One #3 I owend had a spread of over 80mm!! It was too wide for me to set so even if the spring lbs to close was normal this gripper would be harder to close just because it was so wide to set!!!!

The new #1.5 I have seems more like my old #2 but the #2.5 I think feels just right. I've not opend the #3 yet because I want to rep the #2.5 10 times first. I'm hoping that when I can dominate the #2.5 then I'll be able to close the #3 out of the pack. I know reppage doesn't mean strength all the time but I find that reps higher reps do seem to work for me.

Thanks in advance for any help :)

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I don't remember where I saw it but you could put a regular bathroom scale in a vice with the gripper between it and the other side and simply close the vice until the handles touch. If I were you though, and had a vice I was willing to cut up then I'd cut a V or half circle in the gripper side of the vice for two reasons

1. the gripper will stay in place better

2. When a gripper is shut the tops of the handles are farther apart than the bottom so the scale might push on the top of the gripper more, you could cut that V in a way that would tilt the gripper to get rid of this.(or I'm just overthinking this but it seems sound)

BTW, I'm stealing someone on GB's idea so if that person sees this then speak up!

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Cheers guys,

I think I'll have to leave finding this out as there's no way I can make anything like this.

So I guess my #3 is a normal #3.

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