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Repping #2


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hello to all

after a looooong break to grip training i started recently training again and managed to be able to close the #2 for a 2 reps each hand....or even 3 at the most.my question here is.........should i train with the #2 every day, so one day i 'll be able to rep it easily? or i should keep trying with the #2 once a week and the other times add weight to 1.5# and the close - the -gap strap? (thin one) till i can be able to hold a good amount (for example 15 kilos)?

another question

does anyone in here trains with grippers above the #2 many tiumes in a week?

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i think microloading your strap holds on the #1.5 would be more beneficial than repping your 2.

depends what your goals are though i suppose

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My long term goal is repping #3.....with ease....but to reach that point i have to pass through the #2.5 and to reach that point too i have to be able to rep the #2 for a good 9 - 10 reps i think...

I also think, that strap holds till i reach the goal of 15 kilos would be more beneficial and it would help me rep the #2 much more easily...

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i think everyone its different but its important to keep in mind the importance of:

-negatives reps(helping with the other hand or legs) in order to make u confortable with a bigger grip

-no set closes using coc1 or coc1,5 .. i found its really difficult to do it if u catch the gripper with one hand only!

-use a grip u can close for 1 rep at least and hold it as long as u can ...

i believe these 3 rules works....


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