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1/4" Square Bend


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Well, I haven't bent for about two months. I have recovering from some other things and been working on some ring training stuff, but I gave it a go tonight after some blob lifting and had some wierd things happening.....

Reverse bent 1/4" x 6 inch plated steel from Steel Works- PR

Tried a 5" G5 from Tractor supply that I bought. It is very dark gray in color and has this shaped "S" on the head





I tried to bend it and thought I moved it quite a bit, but I looked down and it was still straight so I took off the wraps and it had bent at a 45 degree angle right at the threads! Never had that happen before, does that mean that this is not a good bolt for bending or is it a very tough G5?? Weak or tough! I tried another one and the same thing happened.

Tried a 6" FNL G8 and couldn't even kink it, might have been tired from the two failed G5's though..

Waited about 10 mintues and easily killed the 1/4" x 7 square Steel Works! -PR I was under the impression that a 6" G8 was around the same strength as the 1/4" x 7 square. Is this not correct? I know steel varies, but the 1/4 inch square seemed very easy and I couldn't even kink the g8 today.

All DO bends were done with some leather wraps that Tsuk gave me., with half of an IM wrap on top. Total thickness is 1 inch thick.

Thanks. Matt

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The G5 you have is the (diamond) very hard try the (JH) should be easyier than maybe the

(triangle) a little bit harder than the (JH).

Don't know what the Steel Works sq. calibrates at but the FBBC 1/4"x7"sq. comes

in at 380 lbs. and the 6" at 485 lbs. the G8 1/4"x6" is at 460 lbs.

Hope that helps

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Nice Job on the bends the Steelworks stuff is all over the place on the 1/4 square some bends like butter some hard some snaps.My freind had a peice snap on him.Be careful with it.You would be better off with the FBBC stuff safer and its the real deal you know what you are getting.Those G5's like Lone wolf said very hard hardest I have tried.


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Nice job! Some of that square is key stock and will snap sometimes.


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Thanks guys, I guess those diamonds are too hard and I need to try to grab more nail when I bend them, it was just wierd that they bent at the thread, never had that happen before.

I guess my square stock must be soft. I will try to reverse bend it in a couple days and see what happens when I am fresh, if I can reverse bend it, then I will know that it is soft because I can't reverse a G5 yet.....thanks. I need to order some stock from FBBC so I can get some more accurate strengths going.

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