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Diameter Of A Thickbar


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this is probably a stupid question but when making a thickbar/dumbell out of pvc pipe, do you look at the inside diameter of the pipe or the outside diameter? i was looking at a pipe at lowes and they had a 2.5 diameter pipe, but when i measured it the inside diameter is 2.5 but the outside diameter was between 2 3/4 and 2 7/8 inches. the 2inch diameter pipe was 2inch inside diam. and like a hair from being 2.5 inch outside diam. i was thinking that when you pick up a thickbar,you are grabbing the outside diam. i want to make a 2.5 dumbell. which diameter pipe should i get? am i being to technical about it?

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1 1/2" pipe has an OD of 1 7/8" - this is what most loading pins etc are and is a bit smaller than the loading area of an Olympic bar - 1.9" vs 1.95" - doesn't sound like much but most Olympic collars won't fit very well on it. Most homemade bars are made of this with a "handle" or sleeve of something larger if you want.

2" pipe has an OD of 2 3/8" - Inch DB handle and IM Rolling Thunder size - this fits over the 1 1/2" pipe in schedule 40 only.

No "pipe" has an actual 2.5" OD

DOM Tube can be purchased in 2.5" with various wall thicknesses but is more expensive than pipe. If you want an actual 2.5" handle - this is what you need to buy.

Hope this helps

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For a 2.5 inch OD thickbar handle, get the 2 inch ID PVC that has an OD of 2 3/8 inches. Then wrap some tape around the handle until you reach your desired thickness. Another option is to brush a thin layer PVC cement over the entire handle and let dry. Repeat until you have your desired thickness.

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