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Ottawa Armwrestling Championships And Grip Strength Challenge

Eric Roussin

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2007 Ottawa Armwrestling Championships and Grip Strength Challenge

Saturday, April 14th 2007

Weigh-ins and Registration: 11:30am to 12:30pm

Tournament Start: 1pm

Armwrestling Weight Classes:

Men’s Right 0-170 lbs

Men’s Right 171-200 lbs

Men’s Right 201+ lbs

Men’s Left 0-170 lbs

Men’s Left 171-200 lbs

Men’s Left 201+ lbs

Women’s Right Open

Grip Challenge Weight Classes:

Men 0-185 lbs

Men 186+ lbs

Grip Events:

Rolling Thunder

Block Pinch Grip

Gripper Strap Hold

Lever Lift to the Front

Armwrestling Entry Fee: $15 for first class; $10 for each additional class; FREE FOR FIRST TIME EOA EVENT COMPETITORS!!!

Grip Challenge Entry Fee: $10

Trophies for the top three armwrestlers; Medals for the top three grip enthusiasts


The Georgetown Sports Pub

1159 Bank Street

Ottawa, ON


For more information contact Eric Roussin at 613-745-8638 or eroussin@rogers.com

Much more information can be found here: http://easternontarioarmwrestling.bravehost.com

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I don't think Devon will be competing in the grip challenge, but it would be fun to see how he would do. I probably won't be competing either, as I'll be busy emceeing the event. This will be the first ever grip challenge in this area (that I know of). I expect most of the competitors will be armwrestlers who haven't really trained specifically for grip strength. I am a fan of grip strength, and I think many armwrestlers are/would be as well.

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Eric-Welcome to the board! For those that dont know Eric he is a phenominal armwrestler.

Talk Devon into doing the rolling thunder lift atleast. Im guessing he would put up some monster numbers on this lift.


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Thanks for the compliment Austin. The first time Devon tried Rolling Thunder he did about 215 lbs, but I'm sure he could do quite a bit more if he decided to specifically train for it.

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Austin says you are an excellent athlete. Just curious, do you train Grip specifically?

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The grip exercises I do are mostly ones that I feel carry over to armwrestling. My wrist strength is pretty good and I enjoy doing pinch work. I'd say my crush strength is weakest. I feel I'm pretty strong, but my grip strength pales in comparison to that of many of the members on this board.

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Welcome! Make sure to shoot me results & some pics for STRONG! Magazine

STRONG! magazine email

Edited by John Beatty
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