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Pain When Levering Side To Side


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when i do levering side to side with my sledge i get some terrible pains in my forearm. feels like the tendons turn into barbed wire . it doesnt happen on the other levering types. could this be cause i havent levered side to side as much as the other ways ? :o

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your muscles and tendone are to tight you have to loosen them up real good mine hurt to but i do stuff like that last after a good workout and even then it hurts .

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You got to be careful with those, make sure you are warmed up well, and do them SLOWLY. This exercise puts tremendous strain on the ligaments, tendons, ect. of the forearm. Rest up well before trying them again. Go down in weight and get some good volume in to get the body used to that exercise. Good luck.

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okok thnx guys

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