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Ktp forearm specialization

Guest Jeff Roark

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Guest Jeff Roark

Has anyone one here used John McCallums forearm specialization routines? I know everyone here are pretty much strength oriented. Has anyone here trained for size alone for certain periods? I am thinking about doing it for a month or so along with the rest of my grip training. I'd like to add a little beef to the old forearms. Has anyone got any old routines they have got good results from for size only and maybe a little extra strength to boot? Throw me and anyone else who might would care a few thoughts.

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After reading KTP I tried that exercise where you load up one end of a dumbell and lever it to work you wrist.  It worked ok, but was kinda boring.  I couldn't really use much weight, and progress was 2.5 pounds at a time.

For mass on your forearms I think wrist curls, the wrist roller, and hammer curls work the best.  In my opinion they work the biggest muscles in your forearms.  Several (5-8) sets of failry high (10-12) reps worked best for me.  For the roller, just do a bunch of rolls, till your wrist feel so swollen they don't want to bend anymore.  More grip oriented stuff, grippers, farmer's walk, pinching, will put the finishing touches on.

Go failry easy with the weight, and you can do something just about everyday.  This has been the best way to add size anywhere for me.

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Guest Jay Ansuini

I like wrist curls - both front and back - and for me, levering worked well.  I found that it helped work the outsides of my wrists and ending up being helpful in a functional sense, as well as with overall forearm size.  If levering is uncomfortable, I would avoid it, but if not then try it out for a while and see what happens.  It will also help a ton if you are into bending at all.  I suppose it would help with tearing as well.

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Week 1 – Phase I

Week 2 – Phase 2

Week 3 – Phase 3

Week 4 – Phase 4

Week 5 – Repeat

Phase One

Part 1: Reverse Preacher Curls, 4 sets With a Static Wrist Curl!

Part 2: Incline Hammer Curls, 3 sets, Reps 12, 10, 8

Part 3: Giant set consisting of Barbell wrist curls supersetted with Behind-the-back wrist curls supersetted with Cliff Hanger’s hold, 3 sets

Phase Two

Part one: Partial Rep - Reverse Barbell curls, 4 sets, Reps - 12, 10, 8, 8

Part two: Hammer preacher curls, 3 sets: 12, 10, 8 strips 12, 10, 8

Part Three: Dumbbell wrist curls - supersetted - with Reverse dumbbell wrist curls, 4 sets, Reps 10-12 plus Shocking techniques described below

Phase 3

Part One: Regular and Reverse Cable Wrist curls, 3 sets: Reps - 30-60 second method

Part Two: Reverse machine curls, applying the 21’s technique and the Double Negatives technique, 4 sets

Part 3 :  Behind-the-back wrist curls supersetted with Static Holds, 3 sets

Phase 4

Part One: Reverse Incline dumbbell curls supersetted with Hammer curls, 2 sets ( with shocking methods )

Reps: 8-12

Part two: Cable rope hammer curls, 3 sets

Part Three: Reverse Barbell wrist curls supersetted with Regular Barbell wrist curls supersetted with dumbbell reverse wrist curls, 3 sets (If the barbell is too heavy to get good strict reps with use the cambered bar in its place)

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Jeff Roark,

What have you done before to add mass to your forearms?  I read the KTP routine and it seems solid.  But go ahead and give it a try... what do you got to lose?

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Guest Jeff Roark


I really have never done anything for my forearm size in particular. I have done the odd set of curls here and there and maybe a few sets of wrist curls. Honestly I haven't ever really worked my arms that hard at all. I am definately more interested in lower arm size and strength than the upper arm. I haven't got anything to lose so I'll probably give it a whirl. I am going to fit it in on my tinkering workouts.

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Try doing HEAVY DB wrist curls and see what happens.  That's how I got mine to grow.  As heavy as you can manage, almost to the point as if you feel like your forearms are gonna EXPLODE!!!   :0  :crazy  :hehe

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Guest JoeQ1966

im a little new here and im not sure what the Ktp workout is.I have heard alot of about different training programs like the top secret kta but I havent heard of the ktp.where can I get info on this.

           thanks     Joe

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i have found that by doing heavy hammer curls, with a thick handle, i get a very good forearm,outer bicep, and grip workout!!!!  also this saves time , as you are working 3 things at once! the grip, forearm , and the bicep. a hammer curl, ( i belive), is very realistic to picking up things also. i find when i pick up certin things , it is a hammer curl movement.  for me, this has worked well!    also, when im done with hammer curls, i can close my #3 to about 2/4 inch shut. it is a good warmup.

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