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Ideal Sandbags


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im looking to buy a good sandbag and my choices basically came down to the Ironmind sandbag and the K2 fitness bodybag (http://www.k2fitness.net/sandbags.htm ). anybody have any ideas on which would be better on any level? also, dont know if its true but i remember hearing that the K2 bag allows for more of a loose shape of the sand. thanx :)

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It's just a bag. I personally wouldn't waste the money. Get an duffel bag from a local army surplus store and contractor and/or sand bags and sand from the hardware store and you'll have a comparable end product. I ordered more inner sand bags than I'll ever need, a canvas outer bag and an extra nylon outer bag (just wanted to try it out) from Mcmaster.com for under $20

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i have the ultimate sandbag. they are a synthetic instead of canvas and mine has taken a good beating with no damage so far. they have the end holds like the k2, but also have two pairs of straps length wise and width (like a steel log). they are great if you have the ability to spend more than the cost of surplus duffles.

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I have the IronMind bag and some old army duffles.

IronMind bag is plenty tough and easier to change weight in but the duffles work fine.

I use pea gravel (not sand) and old chains for weight.

This way I can pack them loose (no inner bags) with no worry about leaking sand.

Good Luck.

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Please let me know if you find a good one that doesn't leak.

Don't know how heavy of a bag you are looking to make but I just made on out of a 45 cm exercise ball....It took a while but I was able to use a funnel and got 50 pounds of sand in it.....Made a second with 50 pounds of sand and then fill as much as I could with water....came out around 70 pounds......We have dropped it from an over head press position a jumber of tims and hasn't burst or leake a bit....just be ready to spend a considerable amount of time filling it.


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