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Swiss Grip Comp Vi Results

the swiss

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What a day!

In a few words:

- Franky and Honk brought lots of blobs/hubs/etc... for the loading event, which was really cool.

- more people than ever at the comp (17 in total, but I only put the scores of those who completed all the events)

- 2 competitors got stuck and sent back at the border after 5 hours drive from Paris !! fortunately, They tried another entry point in switzerland and it worked!!

- Franky gave me a real hard time, until the last event (we exchanged 1st place 2 times up to that point), where unfortunately his lefty was out, and where he dropped 60kg on his foot!! The foot became all swollen and blue and we were all worried that it was broken, and all the girls were around him.

- A total beginner humiliated both of us at the loading event (which was a huge success by the way). He had large hands with some nice strength to go with it!

- Lots of prs for me, and first time trying the hub (which I lifted lefty) and the little inch (which I came close to cleaning after the comp, I am pretty sure I could do it with a little training).

- Two guys (Armand and Tom) had never lifted weights (in the traditional sense), but Tom is a climber and Armand has recently started training grip with grippers and some pinching.

In more detail:

Grippers (max number of SINGLES in 1'30): (R, L)

Frank 8*#3 15*#2

Raphael 13*#T 2*#T

Eric D 2*#2 12*#1

Christoph 16*#1 16*#T

David 13*#3 8*#3

Lou 24*#1 5*#1

Armand 13*#1 10*#1

Kemeda 20*#T 8*#T

Xavier 31*#T 15*#T

Tom 5*#1 23*#T

Guen 10*#1 31*#T

Loading event (20 objects to load in 1'30): (R, L)

Frank 17 15

Raphael 4 7

Eric D 14 13

Christoph 10 9

David 15 17

Lou 14 16

Armand 11 10

Kemeda 17 16

Xavier 9 9

Tom 10 10

Guen 14 10

Double lever to nose:

Frank 30

Raphael 15

Eric D 22.5

Christoph 15

David 25

Lou 25

Armand 22.5

Kemeda 20

Xavier 20

Tom 20

Guen 20

Power Clean:

Frank 103

Raphael 63

Eric D 63

Christoph 68

David 108

Lou 98

Armand 53

Kemeda 83

Xavier 63

Tom 73

Guen 83

axle Deadlift (max reps in 1'30): reps * weight

Frank 18 120

Raphael 23 80

Eric D 20 80

Christoph 17 80

David 17 120

Lou 14 120

Armand 19 80

Kemeda 10 120

Xavier 19 80

Guen 1 120

Towel Farmers walk (max distance): (laps * total weight)

Frank 0 * 120

Raphael 2 * 80

Eric D 4 * 80

Christoph 2 * 120

David 8 * 120

Lou 4 * 120

Armand 7 * 80

Kemeda 3 * 120

Xavier 6 * 80

Tom 11 * 80

Guen 3 * 60

Final points

David 57.82

Frank 47.62

Lou 44.33

Kemeda 38.97

Eric 36.15

Armand 34.8

Guen 33.37

Xavier 32.8

Tom 31.6

Christoph 29.29

Raphael 25.35

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Great stuff! Well done to all.

If you give me Lou's full name I will put them in the Top 3 list.


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Me: "Do u train ur hands on a regular basis?"

Kemeda: "No I've never trained them."

Me: "So u got strong hands by accident?"

Kemeda: "That's a fact."


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Congratulation to the win David!

It is good to see that your competition is gaining in popularity. How wide did you guys open up the grippers for each rep?

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It weren't reps Mikael but singles.

One had to set the gripper (not below parallel), close it, then let the gripper open fully, take it out of the closing hand and set it again.

Time Frame 90s.

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Congrats for another win David. Great lifts by Franky also.

Lou's and Kemeda performances are outstanding for guys that don't train their grip.

Looks like it was the best edition so far! Cool.



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Congrats to another great contest David! Also congrats for your win!

Well done guys - some very impressive numbers! :mosher

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