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My Bend Videos


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Sorry about the quality of it.. I was at my cousins and we were using a webcam because I couldn't find the connector to my digital camera

6" 1/4

5.5" 1/4

Once more I'd like to thank Ben Edwards for the steel, my lats are still sore from my 4.5" piece so I'm going to wait until about next week to try it again

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Nice bends! Keep it up!


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Nice. More p.r.s in your future.


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nice work - i look forward to getting my grubby mits on some 1/4" round stock soon. i will look out for your next pr

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Nice bends bro congrats on the PRs.

When you wrap do it on your thigh or on a flat tabletop it will help you out or preroll the wraps and put them on rolled then after the bend undo them infront of the vid this might help you out.

Technique looks good you have good flexibility on the crush turn your palms up this helps you leed with the elbows on the crush faze.

No "LIMITS" bro.

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You are the real deal and don't let anyone tell you any different, just let it full your fire! :flame

That bend looked pretty easy for you buddy and the more you hone your technique the more explosive you can become and start killing even tougher steel.

1) Tight Wraps

2) A little chalk if you wish

3) More explosivesness once you find your best leverage angles

4) Keep those wrists locked tight

Keep posting your PRs and we can keep helping you refine your form--KEEP TRAINING HARD BUT REMEMBER THAT RECOUPERATION IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS THE ACT ITSELF!

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Rob, I tried to view the videos again on YouTube but I always got shut down at the @2.5 minute mark and not sure why. Good job again though.

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Again thank you guys.. it does help out a ton when bending to have encouragement

Gary: Again thanks for the help, have you ever hit a big piece of steel and after trying and trying felt like your almost broke your arm?

I hit a 5/16 bar 7.5" and when I was done trying I still feel the pain in the bone almost but more surrounding tissue

Gator: I know I definitely need to get tighter wraps and I can't seem to find them. I don't know if I'm keeping my wrist tight but I will definitely try to notice harder

Ben: Is there anything I can do that might help you out some in viewing that video?

I was doing some bending and again maybe I'm still tired from that 5/16 piece.. but I can't even kink a G5 JH 1/4 bolt, then I tried to do some 5" 1/4 HRS and I couldn't move that and honestly that feels tougher then the 4.5" 1/4 CRS bend I did not to long again. I really does feel that the HRS I got from ACE was harder then the CRS I got from Ben..

I'm trying to find a good workout that I can do instead of trying for maxes, but I'm still new and it's still hard to figure out a good regime to work with..

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