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At My Local Fitness Store...


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...I discovered two certificates. One of "hg 300" and one of "hg 400". Each of them had one name. Aproximately how hard are these grippers in terms of pounds?

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yes, it's IronMind's Captain of Crush, so CoC #3 = IM #3

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HG400 is normally a little easier than a #3.

HG300s vary so much it is impossible to say. Most are between a #2 and a #3 in strength.

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My HG300 is way harder than a #2 almost where my #3 is at in strength.

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I squeezed my HG300 last night because of this thread. I haven't touched it since I got my #3.

I got it down to ~1/2"

I can close the #2 for 3 reps

I can get my #3 slightly passed parallel

So, my HG300 is much closer to my #3 than my #2. Oh and both my IM grippers are 2006 and I have done no seasoning on any of my grippers outside of squeezing them.

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All of my IM grippers are 2006. My HG300 (the only HG gripper I have) is a 2007.

Oh yeah and I just squeezed my #3 and HG300 again and it turns out it wasn't as close tomy #2 as I thought... though I would still rate it on the lower end of the #2.5. Probably a #2.4.

However, the only grippers I've ever tried before were my own (IM T-4 and a HG300) so I don't exactly have a good comparison.

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