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Bent A 5" (cut Down) 60d


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So I have been bending 6" nails. I had a four-day run at them starting with one on the first day, and ended with four on day four.

The next day I tried a 7" x 1/4 FBBC bar and it wouldn't budge, then I tried a G5 bolt and THAT wouldn't move either.

I knew I could bend something tougher than a 60D so I cut 1/4" off one and that bent quickly enough so I cut a full inch of another and bent that too . . . much tougher but it still only took me 30 seconds (max).

HELP: where am I as far as progression goes? Should I be able to bend a 6" G5? An IM Blue? Should I stick to cut-down 60Ds for the time being or keep bending 6"s for more volume?

As usual, any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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I haven't bent any yet, but according to calibrations/opinions 60d's vary quite a bit by brand. I have heard that darker or shiner ones can be more difficult that dull/ galvanized ones. Here are some calibrations given to me by Tim T so you can look for some harder ones to bridge the gap. Also Grade 5's are somewhat different as well so you may have a slighty more difficult grade 5 and/or an easy 60d.

Grip-rite shiny 60d common-265

Lowes dull galvanized - 280

HD wafflehead 60d galv. - 320

Ace hardware shiny common - 330

Sivaco green 60d - 380

Grade 5's

Triangle silver G5 - 390

JH Greenish G5 - 400

JH Silver G5 - 405

FBBC G5 - 375 -someone correct me if i am wrong on this one

You can see there is some variation in those couple g5's but over 100lbs in just a couple 60d's . Good luck.

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Do your 60d nails make a wide "U" shape when bent and are they galvanized? I hate to say it but I'm guessing you have some very easy 60d nails. I've got some 60d nails that hit only 210 when Eric calibrated them. They feel like a grade 2 bolt when bent. They were galvanized with a fairly thin head and they bend like butter for a 60d nail. As a matter of fact I've bent 2 at a time and I've yet to completely bend a G8. Another reason I say that is that usually the 1/4 inch by 7 inch stock is usually easier than the average 60d nail. You did mean 1/4 inch round right?

So I'm guessing that you have one of the few really easy 60d nails and that your next step should be some 1/4 inch round stock, probably the zinc plated stuff would be a good step now. Then the FBBC stock then on to some harder 60d nails then G5 bolts.

Not 100% sure but I'm guessing that's the case. Most people get the 1/4 inch by 7inch before the 60d nails.

Let me know about that 60d.


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I agree with what Tim said above.

My advice to you is to cut your nails and bend all of them you have and then start buying a bunch of different types of stock like g2 bolts, 1/4" round zinc plated, cold rolled and hot rolled, more 60ds and some g5s. I would buy from several different stores and try different lengths starting with 7" on the round barstock. Out of all of that you will surely find something that works for you. When you do find that special type of stock bend a lot of it. Set goals for each trainning session and constantly try to go beyond what you did the time before. And as Gazza says, "No limits"


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