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Farmers workout


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    I just made a couple of farmers implements. I just found two old bags in my house, filled them with weights, And now i can do farmers walks!!

I find the bags handles/straps really toughen up my hands. I've got 42.5kgs in each bag. I do 3-4 sets of walking with them for about 30metres. I rest about 3 minutes in between sets. What do ya'll think of this workout?? How often should i train with them?? I was thinking every second morning, before i have breakfast. I'll add weight every week.


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I hold onto the straps. They're just nylon straps that are on the bag. Really toughens up my hands, and it feels like it's really working my hands, more then a bar would.

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My response:  BE CAREFUL.  If you drop those weights on your foot.... well, please be careful.  What about adding sand, and making them sandbags?  If you dropped THAT on your foot.... just don't drop it on your foot!  Anyhow, you get an A+ for thinking this up; great idea!!  :)

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I'll just wear Mack Boots when i do them ay Sybersnott! :)

Is that a decent weight to be using for a 16 year old?? I used 50kgs in each hand yesterday for 30metres.

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