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Fat Bastard Cert Shirts & Paper Certificates

John Beatty

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I'm getting caught up on money stuff after paying for STRONG issue 4, and as soon as I do, I'm going to get FBBC Cert shirts made up. The design (tentative) will be the FBBC logo on the front of the shirt as a crest, with "certified" under the crest. The back will have (in BIG print) Certified (insert level here) Bastard. These will be available for the Plain 5/16 CRS certs in the 5 levels, and the KOAB as I expect a few more guys to cert that steel soon. I may add other stocks later, but I don't want to pay a fortune in screen charges. I will also have a tag line, too, been considering a few:

"These hands crush steel"

the basic "steel bender"

And the more adult "steel is my bitch"

There will also be a basic shirt available for those that haven't hit the Bastard level, the back will say "Fat Bastard Barbell co. Certified Steel Bender" on the back.

The shirts will only be available to guys (or girls for Elizabeth) that have officially certed.

The shirts will be $12 special low price for the folks who've taken the time & expense to cert.

I will also have the paper certtificates fairly soon. I'll put up a notice & will want addresses when I get the paper certs ready.

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Sounds cool. You might want to stay away from putting adult language on the shirts. I sometimes get looks from people wearing my BBB contest shirt just because it has "bastard" on it.

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Wow really Scott?

Strange, I have a shirt with a big !"%)#?finger on the back, and the only person to make ever a comment on it was a prof of mine, and I don't get looks.

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Awesome, I'm definately getting a few! :rock

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"Steel Is My Bitch". I think this would be pretty darn funny, and would compliment nicely with your company's namesake, John. :rock

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Sounds like a great idea John :mosher

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