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Quick V-bar Question


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So, I hurt my shoulder about a year ago grappling and stretched out my left shoulder acl thing or something. I went to a chyro and things felt much better. I could move my arm etc. But when I do V-bar, my max is right around 200 and the days after, my left arm will feel weak and tired. I deadlift right around 400 and never had that problem doing those, but I assume my right tries to take over the work load more. So, I have a couple ideas. Should I just take it slow and deadlift one weekend, v-bar the next as to not stretch it out too bad. Should I get a 2" v-bar so I can't pull as much (or would that border on different grip strength specifics). Or just give it up? Is there any other way to work around it?

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I dunno really. I just like the feeling of it.

Anyone else? I don't want to drop if it there's a way around it.

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ditch v-bar, and opt for the 2". More carryover, although i never tried, i can imagine.

V-bar should never replace regular deadlift since they are not comparable...

You are in it for the long run, so don't go injure yourself. Maybe later you can go back to it.

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Thanks guys. Those are a couple good ideas. I'll try a volume workout in a couple weeks. This weekend I'm going to be in a powerlifting meet and the last thing I need is my shoulder to give out on the deadlift.

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I really like the 1" vbar, so you won't be hearing any quit advice from me. :laugh

You could do less frequent vbar training to allow your body time to adapt to it. More frequent vbar training, but with much lighter weight to "build up" some body tolerance to it. The 2" vbar is a good tool too and is easier on the hand for sure. Not sure how much carryover it has but it couldn't hurt. Of course the difference in weight lifted on the 2" version won't necessarily HELP you be able to lift a lot more on the 1" version. I mean if your body is already having a hard time with 200 that it might not get over that until you push it a bit and then recover before pushing it again.

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