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Ring And Pinky Fingers And #2


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Hello guys. I've been trying to close the #2 consistently for a while now. I've been able to close it on the past but never consistently. I have a hard time with the last little bit of the close, and after closing my IMTUG4 I started to wonder if my problem was weak ring and pinky fingers. I can do about 10 closes using my ring and pinky. Is that too weak?Should I focus on bringing up my ring and pinky fingers with the IMTUG and eagle loop ring/pinky holds or should I just train the regular way with negatives and strap holds? Thanks for the help.

EDIT:Forgot to ask, I choked my #2 so I only do the last bit of the movement, is that a good a idea?

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If you feel your pinky and ring are lacking strength, i'd suggest you do some blockweight work. Do individual finger work, and combined like pinky/ ring, index/ middle..

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You bump after like 3 days? Do some inverted closes with those last bit. Most peoples pinky and ring finger are the lagging in gripper closes because of the majority of squeezing comes from index and middle finger

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