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Training Hands When Sore?


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Well? I know training any other part of your body for too long when its sore is a good way to go backwards in the strength department but what about forearms and grip? Can you have the same intensity or volume during this time or should you rest a day or two? BTW in my case I'm only slightly sore around the knuckles and closing the hardest gripper I can doesn't hurt.

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Have you tried contrast baths yet? they are quite helpful for clearing out soreness and pain in your hands so that training can continue.

- Aaron

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Aaron, yes I've tried contrast baths, in fact I wouldn't train if I couldn't do them! I've been using them ever since I started grip training and they are great.

Obscene, thanks I do actually work my extensors alot. Even when not training I'm at least playing with rubber bands!

Scott, thanks.

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The answer is... it depends!

Sometimes pushing yourself to train when you're sore (not fully recovered) for awhile can lead to bigger gains.

Definately don't do this all the time! You need to have periods of easier training where you are fully recovered for each workout. But short periods (i.e., a few weeks at most) of really pushing your limits (even to the point of temporary strength loss) can often lead to much bigger gains when you do back off afterwards and take it easy. Just make sure you do!

And as ObseneJester said, "as long as it doesn't hurt". Make sure you can tell the difference between soreness and injury. If the latter, definately back off.

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The samething can be asked about other bodyparts. If my tricep are sore to the touch, is it alright to train them the next day. I say. YES. But I think the Load and Intensity should be different. You should not always do that either, it depends on Load/Intensity used.

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No pain no gain :D You have to make the body/hands adapt that means giving them something to adapt to if you stop every time your hands hurt[barring injury]then your bodys got no reason to adapt.

Slim the Hammerman swung a sledgehammer 8-12hrs a day everyday his hands/body had no chioce but to adapt.

Lumberjacks are working from dawn till dusk do they stop cause there hands/bodies hurt :D

I bend everyday until injured or i feel a cold comeing on etc then rest 3-4 days then back at it its worked for me and im 45.

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