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Failed On A Red Nail Again


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Every week I've been trying a Red but I can't even get it started, the hand position definitely doesn't feel right, 6" feels more comfortable. Last week when I tried one I blacked out from the exertion on the initial attempt, which my brother thought was hilarious when he watched the video :whacked So after this failed attempt I went for the FBBC 7" 1/4 square and got it easier than last time I tried it, except for the crush down, with the painful hands I got trying the red.

What sort of degree pre kink do you think I should try on a Red to see if that's easier because on all my bends the kink is the hardest?

My square bend:

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Keep It Up dunkster It Will All Come Together Soon And BAM The Bar Will Melt- Just Like It Did For Me And The Other Red Dragon Slayers!

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Maybe you can start taping a bit of 3mm bar to the square stock, then 4mm, etc. This is how Elizabeth moved from the blue to the Grade 5, because she wanted to keep to a 6" length.

Someone mentioned that to me, might have been Gazza.

Well done!


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just yesterday i betn a red froma 30 degree prekink, i was able to wobble a red from 0 degrees to around 7-9 but no further, then i tried one from 15 degree prekink but only got it to 22 degrees.

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