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It seems like a lot of guys are lurking, and lurking a long time BEFORE hopping on this forum... and that's good.

Right now, if your a "lurker".... please come out and introduce yourself.  Tell us where you're from, how you found us, and what got you interested in grip strength/grip training.  Oh, and welcome to the GripBoard!!!  :)

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Guest 103-1023791186

I must be the biggest lurker around,since i have been trying to

get onto the gripboard for ages,under different names and not suckseeding,due to me being thick when it comes to computers,and not doing the registration properly.i am also as you can see,not very good at spelling and puntuation etc,so

you will all have to bear with me.

A big thanks to Wannagrip for his patience on this matter.

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Guest Neal Bates

I'm not sure if I'd qualify as a lurker or not but here is my story...

I was born on May 13, 1974 in LaGrange GA

I was raised in and continue to make my home in Randolph County Alabama, which is about midway between Birmingham and Atlanta.

I found the GripBoard by way of the Garage Gym page. I actually became interested in grip strength when I was a kid and I got my first pair of plastic handled grippers. I couldn't beleive the strength it would take to close those. But I was only 10 at the time and a weak, skinny runt at that.

I normally work in  grip training after finishing up with my regular workouts. CoC for reps or strap holds and some plate pinch for now, though I'll be adding the wrist roller and farmers walks very soon. I've learned a LOT since finding the GripBoard and I look forward to contributing more in the future. Thanks!


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Guest JoeQ1966

Im not sure im a lurker either but I will introduce myself for those who dont know..

Im 37 and live in Otterbein Indiana.

I used to armwrestle for 5 years.

I got interested and found the grip board when I was looking for info on tearing phonebooks.I found the gripboard and have been coming to it every day since then.I purchased my coc 2 and 3 about a month ago and have goal of closing the 3.

    hello       Joe

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Hello, my name is Heath and I'm a gripaholic......

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Guest ando

I don't think I'm technically a lurker, because I have posted before, but I don't have a lot to contribute so mostly I just sit back and learn.

My real name is Andrew Carnahan.  "Ando" is a nickname of mine.  I was born in 1980 in Arlington, VA, where I've lived pretty much my whole life.  The past couple years I've spent most of my time in Harrisonburg, Virginia attending James Madison University, where I'm working on my B.S. in biology.  In the future I'm hoping to go to medical school, but not for a few more years.  All of the Grip Board members who reside in the U.S. are kindly paying for my education via the money I get for serving in the Army Reserves.  Thank you.

I probably first came to the GripBoard from the Garage Gym a couple years ago when they weren't hosted by cyberpump.  I've never had a very strong grip for my size, but I'd like to have one someday.

I'll go back to lurking now...

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My name is Jacob Neiffer, 20 years old, im from Ione, Oregon but Im studying engineering in Corvallis Oregon.  I stumbled upon cyberpump a little over a year ago and found this page.  I fight wildland fires during the summer so I wont lurking as much as I will only have access to the internet once a week if I'm lucky.  I have 2 grippers now, looks like a need to order the MOHS.  Thanks for the great info you all provide.

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Guest davidmidtvedt


I guess I'm a lurker.  I'm from Minneapolis.  I'm just finishing at the University of Minnesota with a double-major in philosophy and ancient Greek (language), and I'll be applying to graduate schools in the fall.  I just had a year away from lifting because of an extremely difficult time at school, and because I was diagnosed last year as having torn cartilage in my left hip socket (a labral tear).  Now I'm ready to go again.  I've started back on deadlifts (regular and thick-bar), York block-weights, sandbag overhead presses, rope pull-ups, plate curls, ab work, and hill sprints, and stretching.  Some short/medium range grip goals are:  deadlift 260 with 2 inch thick bar (overhand), 35lb block-weight clean, and 35 lb. plate curl.  I can't remember where I heard about the Grip Board, but I used to post on the Hardgainer Board a while back, so maybe I heard about it there.  I got into basic strength-training from reading Stuart McRobert, and my interest in grip strength grew out of that.  I'm learning a lot from lurking around, and thanks to everyone who posts.

David Midtvedt

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Guest 103-1023791186

Hello guys,

Just thought i woud intraduce myself properly this time.My

name is gary hunt and i am from,the Wirral Merseyside,in

England.I am half english and half welsh and 41years old.I

have always been interested instrength and power,since i was

a skinny  little kid with glasses,growing up,but i could always

beat the bigger kids at climbing and hanging from bars etc.

Not bad for a lad born 6 weeks premature and only 3 lbs.

I guess from this early age,i have always had a very strong

willpower,i just have not realised it sometimes,anyway i have

dabbled in matial arts,power lifting,bodybuilding,mountain biking,but i have always been drawn back to the iron,even

through lifes ups and downs,these last 3 years of my life have

been absolutely horrendous,but i have came through the cloud

and am again ready for the battle,with the iron.Cheers! :p

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Guest 103-1023791186

Its me again,forgot to mention,that i have in the last 6 months

acquired,1x2cwt Anvil,3 beer kegs 70k,80k+90k,1x90k piece of

granite,3xAppollons axle type bars=1x6ftx2inch solid bar,1x7ft

2x2inch solid barand1x7ft2x2inch stainless steel tube,1xPDAInch bar,1xtitans telegragh key,1xplate loaded grip

machine,1xcoc1*,1xcoc2*,1xcoc4*,was sent a 4 instead of a 3,pda sos 1x266,1x297,1x340nicked by someone at customs,1xolympic bar and180k of olympic plates,750lbs of1inch standard plates,1xrobert baraban hand Dynanometer,

4xshot put balls,lastly1xGripinatorLX plus verious attachments,waiting for delivery of GripinatorLX.

As you can see,i have made a pretty serious commitment to

get some good grip workouts in the future,the buck stops with me,bring it on!

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Guest nats22


My name is Stan, im 25 years old, and live in NJ.

I found the gripboard when i started doing the Rolling Thunder deadlift. This is the only grip training i do, and my personal best is 140lbs with either arm at a height and weight of 6'1" and 180lbs.

Its a pleasure to be amoung such Knowledgeable people in grip training.

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Guest davidclark22

I guess I'm a lurker over here too.  I've been a member of this forum and garage gym since they were added to cyberpump.  I'm 17 years old 6' tall and 200 pounds.  I play football for Joplin High School and will be a junior next year.  I've been lifting weights for 2 years and and new to grip training.  I work with coc grippers as well as pinches and I have a wrist roller.  I can close the #2 gripper on a good day as well as pinch 2  25 pound plates for a few seconds.

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I guess I wouldn't really consider myself a lurker because I've been asking every question I could think of. Nevertheless, I will tell you more about myself...

I'm 23 years old, born January 4/79, and I currently live in Vancouver Canada. I think what really got my interest in Grip Training was when I found Matt Furey's Website a couple of years ago. I bought his "Combat Conditioning" book and was impressed with all the Calisthetic exercises. I kept going thru his site, trying to get more info about anything that had to do with training and followed his Links on the site to the Dinosaur Training site. I've been following this path of links and finally made it here, after all these years.  :)  So, here I am... This is where I want to be, because now I know where to buy the serious grip equipment and now I have people to talk about training the Grip.

This is a great forum... thanks!

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It's great to see all you young guys into grip training.  I wish I had started much younger than I did.  Oh well... can't go back in time.  I have a message for you guys into grip training:  keep doing it!  It's one of the best beneficial things you could do to better yourself - not only will a strong grip pay off throughout your life, grip strength actually will aid you in your workouts (if you're lifting).  This has been a great thread!!  Um, gazza.... I don't think you're a lurker any longer!!  Sorry about that....  :)

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Guest 103-1023791186

Feels goodbeing a member of the gripboard,and not a lurker

anymore.I should have gotten it sorted out sooner.Hope you all dont mind me adding this.I will be 41years old on 15thJuly

and by the time that i am 43 next year,i will close the 3coc,i

am not saying this to belittle anybodies achievements,or to brag,but just to give myself a target to aim for,and also to be

positive in the future,instead of negative.I will need to fill my

life with as much positives as possible,because i will be going

through a lengthy court case,sueing the BUTTS off ,ofthe

company i used to work for,and i am now looking forward to the battle.So all the grip training will be used positively,to get

rid of the ANGER thats been eating me away!

Thankyou all for listening.      Gazza.

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Gazza, you must be from England using the word "nicked" How on earth did you get all that equipment over there ?

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Guest 103-1023791186


Yes i am from England,near Liverpool,the beer kegs igot from

a friends pub and filled myself,it took me a couple of years to

drink the contents 1st......only jokeing.

Got the87kilos granite rock from the beach,got the 2inch thick bars from a friend who runs a metal fabrication shop,he ordered the steel and cut it to size,and welded collars onto them,as good as the appollons axle,only heavier except for the

stainless steel one which is hollow,the Anvil cost me75 quid,roughly 50 dollars ,out of a paper advertisement,the plate loaded grip machine was maid 10 years ago by a friend

and was copied out of an old iron man magazine,but made much more heavy duty,will hold over 300kilos,but was never

used until recently.The grippers were got from pullum sports

in Englandcocs,the sos grippers+ivanko supergripper+Inch bar

where got from pda,am still waiting for my Gripinator LX.

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Guest 103-1023791186


I to am makeing up for lost tme,being a lurker!

Forgot to say that i got the hand dynanometer

from robert barraban .n Austria,it cost me 500 eros

,350 pounds,roughly465dollars.

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You have a lot of initiative, and do whatever it takes to obtain the equipment you need. with that kind of determination nothing will stop you from achieving your grip goals.

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Hello everyone, my name is Paul and I have posted a few times, but never formally introduced myself.

age:  30

height:  5' 7"

weight:  165

strength:  weak   :)

I have all the Ironmind grippers, a Lemley's, a 302 in. lb. PDA, and a Suppergripper.  

I also made my own thick bar with a pipe from Home Depot, but I don't use it much.  

I can close my Ironmind #1, but I can't do multiple reps with it yet.  

Also for the record my Ironmind grippers are all double stamped and were bought recently.

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I'm definitely a lurker, cause I have nothing to add.

I'm Roger from central New Jersey, 37.  I'm a mechanical engineer for a pump company.  I stumbled into this naturally, looking to improve my grip to help my lifts.  I have made a 1-15/16" thick bar from scrap shafting, and a 2" wrist roller.  I really like the section on making your own equipment.  I also like the beginer routines, again very helpful.

thanks for all the help


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