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5 Inch 5/16 Grade 2 Went Down


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Big Pr the other day i bent a 5 inch 5/16 grade 2, also i was wondering do grade 5's have to have the little ticks on the top of the head. I went to homedepot and asked the guy and he said that the bolt i was referring to was in fact a grade 5 (5/16). At 6 inchs i put a 2mm wobble into after a very good hit (much harder than what it took to start the 5inch grade 2) . so if it was a grade 5 which i dont dont another big pr for me.

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To the best of my knowledge, grade 5's have 3 tick marks. I don't think I've head of any G5s without any. Or any G2 with any markings besides the company letters.

And congrats, any 5" stuff is a nice notch in the belt.

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Great job on that 5 inch 5/16 Grade 2! :rock

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