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Vertical carry


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Has there been any competition in a vertical bar farmer's carry? Or does anyone practice this?

It would probably require special equipment- a vertical

bar attached to an implement so that the plates on a regular

vertical bar lift set-up do not bang against the legs while


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I do not know if there is a competition for vertical bar farmer walk or not, but I have 2 implements that I had made up around a year ago. Description follows:

A base of a 4x6x6 inch block of steel. On to that is welded a 2 inch cold rolled round bar 16 inches long with a 5/8 link of chain cut in half and welded onto the 2 inch cold rolled. The chain link serves as the attachment loop for my hand implement. Overall length is 21 inches. Why 21 inches? No specific reason, other than that is what the pieces were when I got them.

I was lucky enough to find 2 boat anchors at a yard sale. The type that looks like a bowl with a cone in the center. I noticed they were a 2 piece device. Gave the lady $5 and took them to the house. The cone part was held in the dish by a retaining clip, so after removing the cones I had 2 hand pieces. They are shaped like Ironminds Little Big Horn. I attached these to the vertical bar device with a snap link. I can use 25lb plates with no problem hitting the legs. Overall length with hand attachment is 30 inches.

It definitely is different carrying these with the hands in the vertical position in comparison to the suitcase style of farmer walk. Hope I did not sound too pretentious with this post. :)

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How much less weight must you use to walk the

same distance when using vertical versus horizontal


And, what is the diameter that you are gripping-2",

or that cone piece?

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I have 3 suitcase style implements with handles of  13/8in, 11/2 in. and a 2 incher.

The cone is tapered of course and it measures 21/4 in. at the thickest part and gradually tapers down to 13/4 inches. the body of the cone itself is 6 inches with 11/2 in. eyeloop at the end where you tie your retrieving rope. A one piece forged item. The snaplink fits great here.

When holding the cone my pinky is around the 21/4 inch section, my ring and middle finger are around the 2in. section and my thumb and index finger is around the 13/4in. section.

The hand is held like you would hold a garden hose filling a bucket on the ground. Pinky finger facing up

My log from last year showed I worked up to 80-90lbs. for distance of 30yds (before I stopped training on them) with the vertical device. Very taxing on the grip, constant hard crushing to keep the device in the hand. I might add too that with the device being 30 inches, the load is only about 6 inches off the ground.

Compared to the weight used for the suitcase style, yes, a considerable less amount for the cone was required. If you did not grip the thing hard, it would slde down your hand and the load would drag the ground.

This device was an impromtu adlib thing. My first purpose was to make just a vertical deadlift bar. Then by accident I saw the boat anchors and the thought of the farmers walk came in to being. They are tough, Ya got me fired up to start using them again Joe :)

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