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My First Reverse Bend


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I wasn't gonna do any tonight but it's so addictive and once I get something on my mind I can't settle until I've tried it. Anyway, I had just come back at 21:30 from my kids party and thought I would have a go at a reverse bend so had a look through what I had cut and the 6" 6mm square seemed like the easiest bit I had so I gave it a go. After, I found it gets sore in the area between my thumb and forefinger on my left hand, but don't know this is typical as it's a first go an' all. Any critique on technique etc would be most appreciated as I'm sure I haven't got it just right yet or it might always feel that hard :D

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Nice bend dunkster, thought you could of had that bend some where between 4 and 7 sec. Congrats!!!

I was hitting the cert bend hard about the full time limit even on cert bends til Mikael Siversson layed some constructive questioning on me :D

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Nice reverse mate congrats.

Your looseing a bit of power mate letting the bar twist out of your grip this is a mixture of ithe shortish length and it being square stock.

Your left anchoring arm once set at 90degrees realy consentrate on tensing the hole arm from the shoulder down then just a split second before you start to pull down with your other arm really concentrate on crushing through the wraps onto the bar with the left hand.

Also experiment with different thickness wraps a slightly thicker set might allow you to put more grip into the bar it sounds silly but sometimes gripping something thin the hands arent used to it and it is alot more grip intensive as you are actually trying to pull the other bar out of your hand as you pull down.

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You are right, it is very addictive. Nice bending by the way.


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