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New Bending Pr's! Knuckles Together Or Apart?


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I know this has been argued before and I don't want to start up an argument, I was just curious to some of your opinions. I have been frustrated with my lack of progress with bending because I hardly ever make PR's and it seems that everyone else can bend what I have been working on for months on their first try!!!! Bending made my my wrist and index fingers so sore that I can only bend about every 7-10 days and I have a hard time repeating bends.

I learned whatever bending technique i have from Greg Amidon and Dave Morton's article on Diesel Crew. It seemed to me that in the photos they showed, they had their KNUCKLES TOGETHER and that is how I have been bending. (I also have only used IM pads) People have argued on here that method is easier and doesn't require as much grip strength which I agreed with and I though I would be a purist and keep doing it my way.

However, it seems though that almost EVERYONE on here keep the pads on the very end of the bar, so I tried it today, just messing around and I EASILY bent 4 things that I have been trying for months to get. I smoked the 1/4 HRS which I struggled with for about 15 minutes when I got it for the first time a week or so ago. I did this bend today in about 10 seconds. Then I killed a Grade 2 that I had only kinked before. I also got a 8 twists 60D Grip-rite Timber Tie which was pretty easy kink and a harder crushdown. I hadn't even kinked this before today. Then I got a 5/16" carriage bolt that I had that was the hardest. I know these are not impressive bends by anyone's standards, but this is definite proof the the knuckles together is much harder. Also, my hands aren't even tired and I can tell that I am not going to have much soreness. I could probably go do a couple more of thos bends, no problem.

What do you guys think about this? Does anyone bend with knuckles together? Is is worth it to try both? One of the problems that I have had is that I haven't been able to get up to a level where I can buy a bunch of pieces (a box of 50 G2's for instance) of something, because everything was either way too easy (3/16" square,12 twists timber ties) or way too hard and I couldn't even bend it once. Just looking for opinions, not trying to start an argument.......Thanks.

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Good news PRs man. That being said, it doesn't make sense to me to purposely reduce your leverage (ability to apply force to something) when it doesn't allow you to bend bigger steel. A Magnificent Bastard that I have the pads all the way on the ends is STILL a 5" long piece of steel, just like the 5" piece of steel that someone else chooses to put their knuckles together to bend. That's of course fine and doesn't hurt anyone to bend with reduced leverage. But if moving up the bending cert list is one of your goals, good luck doing that with your knuckles together. It would be similar to trying to hammer a nail while holding your hand a few inches from the head instead of all the way down on the hammer.

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Well do what feels best to you. If they both get the job done, then I say they both work. I prefer on the ends but with a good chunk of my hand still on the bar. It just feels stronger and less pain full. Some people are so far off they hold almost underneath the bar cause they are only holding onto the wraps. If it helps you destroy steel, then use it. I used to do the hands on top, almost together approach and I sprained my wrist 2 times. I reread the articles, switched hand position and now I can bend once a week without too much wrist or hand pain and a bunch of new prs. Keep at it and you'll be a Bastard in no time.

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