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Espn2 Armwrestling


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armwrestling on tonight. i dont know if its a repeat but worth a try :whacked

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Gonna have to miss that one. It is slotted against WWE Raw.

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I don't mean to give free promotion to this site I'm gonna mention, but on www.myarmtv.com you can become a member and have access to a TON of video.

You can pay like 10 bucks for a month I think, but I paid like 110 bucks for a whole year.

You might say "what??? Too much!", but if you're an AW fan you're gonna love this.

There is a HUUUUGE ammount of videos. From watching old-timers like Cleve Dean, Virgil Arciero, Al Turner back in the 70's, to watching the young John Brzenk and Johnnie Walker during the 80's, and a bunch of videos from the 90's, and from this decade... they have it all. And not just what you see on TV, of the tourneys that armtv has covered themselves (obviously they didn't film themselves before a few years ago!), they have a lot of backstage stuff, interviews, comments, opinions, etc from everyone... it's a hell of a lot of fun. I paid for a year because I knew I couldn't watch all this stuff in a month. They might very well have 1 hour footage of a single tourney, and it's ALL worth watching, since it's great to see the greats themselves talking, giving their opinions, and discussing strategy, predictions, etc...

Like I said, it sounds like a lot of money, but if you really like AW this is a must have. And I get nothing by promoting this site, I'm just honestly expressing my opinion.

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I thought it was pretty funny when the announcer was talking about how big Bill Sinks hand is when him and Rob V were gripping up. :whistel

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jad: if you by any chance get to see the full version of Rob's match from January 13th or so at the CT States, of him vs. Mike Selearis (also big hand!), when they're setting up with the "Ref's Grip" you can see those two hands had a span of like 2 feet, lol.... no, but seriously, it was a huge thing. God forbid anyone gets slapped by a hand like that. Gary Roberts from ArmTV is always commenting on Rob's hand, I've listened in several of the videos, hehe... keep working on the AW excercises bud, and we'll see you on ESPN eventually! ;)

Matt Brouse: if you see the old MM3 thread when Rob V. closed it, I remember Wannagrip making a statement very similar to yours right there! Something about his bicep wanting to get out of the sleeve or something.

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