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Regarding High Level Bends - Important! Please Read

John Beatty

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I'm going to lay this out one last time. If all the chest puffing doesn't stop with this, then I'll be forced toughen up certs. I've tried to keep things simple & go by the word of people as it's easier for me & the guys certing. From this day forth, if you want a high level bend to be certed (Grand Bastard or higher per executive decision), order some stock, open the package on vid, measure the stock on vid, wrap on vid, bend on vid, measure finished bend on vid. Or do it at a contest. I will also accept as a witness without vid anyone certed currently at an equal level or higher to the bend you plan to do. Sorry, but this is how it has to be.

All the actual bending rules remain the same. I will not change them.

The lower level bends I will accept lesser quality vids, witnesses of any level, etc as before.

I'd like to see this remain a place where accomplishments are shared, info is shared, and the new can learn from the experienced. I know there are some hard feelings between people here regarding bending, but let it go & move on. You're grown ups. Act like it.

I'm the kind of person that trusts everyone until it's proven I shouldn't. I will personally ban anyone I find cheating from FBBC certs forever - all certs. A cheater's bends will be removed. I will not tolerate cheating. I will not tolerate the attempted lessening of people's accomplishments. You have a problem with someone, do something harder than they have & prove to the world, under official conditions, that you have the bragging rights. I'm tired of emails on this subject. I'm too busy for this. I'm tired of seeing it here & on other boards. Grow up. I will not respond another post, email or personal letter on this subject. Don't push me. I'm not easy to get mad, but I've had enough of this.

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Sounds very reasonable to me. Don't know what all this is about but I can't immagine a problem with the rules you've listed here. You've got a ton of people listed on your website so obviously you're not tight with the certs.

BTW, I'm like you. I have this tendency to believe people when they tell me something. I automatically assume people are telling the truth. Can get me in trouble sometimes but oh well.

Thanks for all the good work on the Bending stuff John!


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Im glad its grand and harder, because i just ordered a huge box..lol. I think this is a very intelligent implementation though...we appreciate everything you do John!

thanks a lot,


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Good enhancement of the bending certs.

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