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To all you guys worried about overtraining

Nathan Say

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While doing a search for wise rowing sage Mike Spracklen, I came across this article. Basically it says go as hard as possible without any planned 'rest days' and decrease the amount of training when performance deteriorates. I thought it was relavent now because some people brought up some concerns about the KTA routine & other stuff which is supposed to be brutal every day. (fyi When Spracklen came back to Canada to coach the men's national team in Jan. 2001 he had all of the guys burned out within a few months, then they became the 1st men's eight crew from Canada since 1996 to make a world/olympic final. In a typical day they row 60km training for a 2km race that lasts about 5:25-5:40.)

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Guest JoeQ1966

I read the article and it has me rethinking my own training..I play alot of league basketball and I do this type of training and have never really thought about it..I play for several days in a row and when I feel like I just cant be effective I take a day off...Its like anything we do,,you have to get the feel for the exercise to get good at it..When I first started armwrestling I asked a guy what I should do to get better..I asked him if I should do heavy curls or wristcurls or even hammer curls and he just told me to armwrestle..If you want to get good at armwrestling you should armwrestle..I can apply this advice to about everything I do..You can do alot of assist work and things that can help in your goals,but you must perform and become comfortable with the sport to master it..

          thanks for the info Nathan,its got the small marbles in my head rolling


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