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New Prs Including My First 100d!


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First off last week I brought a couple timber ties and pole barn nails to work to see how hard this stuff is to a non bender. I tried a guy who I know is pretty stout about 6'1" and 200 lbs. He closed the #1 on his first try. Anyway, he did the toughest timber tie I had at about 175 lbs to bend all braced. Yesterday I decided to do a little experiment and took lots of stuff to see where he'd give out. I taught him DO style which he kinda cheated and braced on the top of his stomach a little.

Anyway, he got up to 1/4" by 6" HR all DO then he had to brace on his leg and post and he got a BL G2 bolt and one of the softed 60d nails I have. Probably about 225lbs to bend, weakest 60d I've ever encountered. He was pretty hooked and I'd say he couldn't have gone to a medium 60d as hard as the other was for him. Great to see what someone else can do. Like I said though, I figure he's above average.

After I left work I thought, man I can't let him get close so I've got to do something else so I wen't to lowes and bought a couple 100d nails and thought I haven't tried them in a while so let's give it another go.

YEE HAH!. Man that was a milestone I've been looking forward to. I've always thought the 100d looked awesome when bent. Takes a whole different look then a 120d or 12" spike.

After showing him the nail and a few of my big bar PRs today I decided to try some more "spike length" bends.

I cut 7/16" down to 11" after reading an older post about John Brookfield doing this length and I got it. Previous PR was 12".

I cut a 30" piece of 1/2" HR into 2 pieces, a 14" and a 16". Tried to 14" but that was a little too much for me to get much more than a 20 or 30 degree bend. I did get the 16" which beats my previous PR by 3". It was one of the longest fights I've ever had with steel though.

Sorry about the long post but I'm on top of the world. The more I bend the more I get addicted. Always something else to bend.

Check out my gallery for pics!


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Congratulations, Tim! Those are some very fine PRs!

I agree. I think 100Ds are definitely one of the most impressive looking bent objects.

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Thanks Eric! Yeah the 100ds take on and entirely different look than the 120s. I'd love to get a 80d but man I don't know about that. I've not seen any pics even of one bent. I pressed one against my leg and I wouldn't bet the farm I could do anything to it. I've done 9" HRS in 3/8" and I think I might be able to do 8" in that kind of steel but these nails are much tougher steel I think. When I rest up I may try a shiny 100d as they seem to be noticably tougher.

Of the 3 though the 1/2" was definately the most brutal. I've seen Big Steve make it look alot easier but I can't say mine was "show worthy".



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