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Reverse Grip And Double Overhand Carry Over


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It's been a couple of years since I've trained any reverse grip bending, but all the impressive feats and discussion lately about this technique have motivated me to give it another go. I like Pat's set of rules, so I followed them strictly to get an idea of where I stood with other benders. I was pleasantly surprised. I first took a cement coated Keystone 60D to sixty degrees. I followed this up with a black "triangle" grade 5 bolt at six inches. With two quick bursts this was brought to 55 degrees. And finally I bent an FBBC 1/4 x 7" stainless square bar to 55 degrees in about fifteen seconds. So apparently, not only does reverse grip promote strong wrists and better bending in general, but training double overhand exclusively can develop a strong reverse grip. Other than bench pressing, thick bar dumbbell deadlifts, and a rep or two with my 12 pound sledge down to my nose every week or two, I've done nothing else that could account for an increase in reverse grip bending strength, besides the double overhand bending. All I can figure is the infrequent sledge levering has helped me more than I could of realised. But at the same time, I don't think I should underestimate the benefits I've gained from double overhand for strengthening the "top" hand in reverse grip.

I intend to start training this technque seriously again and see how far I can take it. My little spontaneous workout tonight has proven a breath of fresh air for my bending training. :)

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Eric, I think it depends on the individual. Are you doing reverse style with your arms straight or bent?

For me, double underhand hits what is weak when I do a reverse bend. So I'm training double underhand and hitting PRs reverse style.

When doing reverse style with straight arms, I think the primary strength for the bend comes from radial deviation of the wrist on the anchor hand. Radial deviation is the wrist motion stressed hardest by overhead and rear levers, as well as double underhand bending.

I do think eventually I'll get to a point using this approach where the strength of my thumb to act as a solid fulcrum for the bend will become the limiting factor. I'm not there yet though.

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nice eric =) just started doing reverse bends myself . and i like them the most . but i got some pains in my forearms after them tho :(( .

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For me I think sledge levering really helps.

When I fail with a reverse bend it's because my lower hand opens and/or that same wrist can't stay anchored and the hand bends so far back no force gets transfered to the nail.

I feel the same thing in in sledge levering. You need strong wrists plus enough grip strength in the last few fingers so your hand doesn't open up.

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Scott, my arms are bent a fair amount. I could see where keeping them straight would change the dynamics altogether.

Yersinia, my fingers, wrists, and elbows took a lot abuse when I trained reverse grip previously. I'm hopeful I won't suffer as much pain this time. In fact, I felt none last night. Using padding more substantial than the thin hand towel I once used could account for this, in part.

Gaster, I totally agree about the levering.

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I have also noticed after a very hard DO war, my Grip and wrists are toasted. :blush

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