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Question About The Best Shoes


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I am on a budget but I think I really need to replace my New Balance 1007 Cross Trainers for my workouts. I experience the shoe rollover with heavy lifts.

My problem is that I torn a ligament in my arch years ago due to not having the proper support. As a result, I have to use orthotics in my shoes and hence using the New Balance 1007s.

I like to warm up on the treadmill for a few minutes so I was thinking the standard weight lifting shoes would probably not be the best thing (plus they are expensive).

I read the debates over wrestling shoes and Chuck Taylors (I used to have a pair when I played basketball...they were the only reals shoes at that time!), but worry about the support. Since I have to use orthotics, would these work?

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A low-midtop workboot could be the shoe for you.

The problem with newbalences is that the whole sole of the shoe is squishy and they don't really have a flat bottom to the shoe. You can get a workboot for $40 or so with a nice hard flat sole, make sure it laces your foot into it enough. You'll want one that doesn't have too much of a heal. I would always say wrestling shoes or bare feet are best to deadlift in, but you have to wear a little heal its not going to hold back your progress.

You should probably have these set up with their own orthotic put in there and only use them for lifting - because they will last so much longer and might not be that comfotable for everyday walking. Good luck!

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adidas olympic shoes are probably the top of the food chain in regards to lifting footwear, sucks they're so expensive. I got a pair from Rick Walker from these boards cheap for $50 shipping included and I LOVE THESE THINGS!

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Shoes for training - it depends on what all you want to do in them and how you do it. First off is control, your feet should not be able to "roll" during heavy squats etc. And in your case, they have to hold your orthotics which all shoes may not do easily. What I have found for me is to use two pairs of shoes or just go barefoot (home gym). Depending on how you squat etc will determine if you want heel lift on your shoes, sit back power lifting style squatters usually don't want a heel and Olympic lifters and high bar squatters often do. Any shoe with a softer sole will crush under a heavy load - use your regular shoe of choice for the majority of your workout and a stiffer soled shoe with/without a heel for the heavy work. Those people who sell the specilized shoes can help you with the orthotics question. Dynamic Fitness worked very well with me getting a perfect fit on my Ironworks. And I'm sure Crain or someone will as well. And you probably won't like either one for the treadmill but not where you're likely to get hurt either.

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One of the biggest things I was dreading in looking for new shoes was dragging in my smelly orthotics to check their fit.

I forgot about having a selection of old motorcycle boots...I may need to dig them out.

I've been keeping my eyes open for a used set of Adidas Olympic shoes or the like but I have yet to see them on eBay in my size.

While I was a Meijer (Walmart type store in the Midwest) Chuck Taylors were on sale for $29.99 (on sale until the 28th)! I figured at that price I would give them a try. My orthotics fit nicely in them and they are very comfortable. I did not notice any roll over with some light deadlifts. they were okay for the limited time I was on the treadmill.

I have a history with Chuck Taylors but then were only known as hi-tops when I used them before. When I played basketball in high school, they were about the only shoes around. I normally finished the game with nice blisters on my heals. I had to wear the white ones and they made my feet even look larger. That is how I received my nickname of Bigfoot. I grabbed the black ones.

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The shoe shop I used to work at used to sell these, they have stiff soles and are fairly supportive. I have seen them for around half the RRP at some places as well.

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