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Yee Hah! The G5 Finally Fell!


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Man Oh man how great it feels! I decided to do a little short bending tonight and started with my old cruddy leather wraps since I didn't want to get used to any new ones and it didn't go so good. Couldn't even get the super-hard 60ds that I did a week ago. Well, I decided to cut some new leather for some thicker wraps like you guys say your using (1 inch around or close to it) and did a couple medium 60ds and it felt pretty good. So I tried a G5 that I had kinked earlier and it fell with much effort. I got another one that was new and bent it too.

I am stoked. I figured the wraps were holding me back and now I know. This new leather still isn't what I want but I've got some coming from a generous board member that hopefully will be more what everyone else is using.

I may go and try a JH black G5 now.


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Great bend Tim! Grade 5 is a wonderful milestone bend. :rock Now you're on a roll. Start bending them for volume and soon you'll get the Grade 8.

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Thanks bencrush. Hope my progress from here will go as fast as I've watched yours.

The black "JH" G5 fell too. As a matter of fact it felt easier then the silver "TH" ones that I bent first. Maybe because they were off centered. I was worn out but I decided to try a G8 and I bent it probably 10 degrees or so. I really think if I hadn't wasted so much effort with the cruddy wraps I would have gotten the G8. I was just spent though by then. Maybe next week I'll get the G8.

Thanks for all the encouragement guys. I think I may try to order some G9s and F911 for future use.


Tim "the worn out G5 bender" Tolbert

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Nice bending Tim!!! I think you will get a grd 8 next week also. Don't give it a chance to win!!!

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Nice work Tim :rock

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