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Unmarked coc #1

Guest scott essery

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Guest 115-1005574997

I bought a COC #1 5 years ago and only just realised its unmarked on the bottom of the handles.  is this unusual?  It feels harder than the #1 Ive used at Davids and wondered if anyone can shed any light on it?

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I have an ancient #1 that is unmarked. I do not remember what I paid for it but it was offered at a substantial discount due to its unusually great handle spread.

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When the grippers were market-new, the handles

were unidentified.

Now the handles are marked, though it is the

spring that makes the difference.

One wonders how many handles marked #3 have

been placed on #2 springs, and photos taken...

Hush my mouth.

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Guest 115-1005574997


I forgot to mention the handles ARE wider than my trainer!  No wonder its tough.


Didnt know that....very interesting and I can see it might be a problem  ???

Beter not tell anyone  :)

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Whoever suggested that the same grippers need to be

passed around in a competition has the solution.

In powerlifting, there was a man who brought his own

barbell for competition, which no one else was allowed to

TOUCH! He even had, not bodyguards. but barbell guards-

friends who kept others away from his barbell.

Now there is absolutely nothing suspicious about that, right?

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To avoid the need for guards you could just "lose" your barbell or gripper after the big claims. Boy, am I ever treading on thin ice here!

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Roark, I am a powerlifter and I have heard this same story.  Is this really true?  Say it ain't so......strongmitts

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It is true. And pathetic. And desperate. And sad.

It also damages the sport. Of course, powerlifting

has more divisions flying than a hand grenade.

Once false, inflated marks have been put on the record

books, whether in lifting or in hand strength, honest

competitors who come along later have insurmountable

goals ahead of them.

Remember that one reason the press was eliminated from

olympic competition was that men were pressing nearly

what they could clean and jerk, which is an impossibility.

The press has been gone for 30 years, and the sloppy

lifts that some judges allowed are still tainting the

record books.

Let's keep grip honest. I have just called the fourth of

my five grip-guards to fire him, but now he warns he'll

write a tell-all book...

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