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Unlocking The Two-Handed Inch Secret


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Referring to Michael Brown's method of how to train to lift the Inch:  simply train on a 3" thick handle, either by using a barbell and/or a dumbbell of that handle thickness.  Really.  ???  

I don't know about you, but to me Michael Brown is a bit of a nutball.  I mean... c'mon.... "training in mud" made me laugh!!  :p   :hehe

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Sir Snott,

John Wood is a thinker- which means he ponders

outside the box, and he has creative ways to

train for holding the replica. But those methods are

his story, and I am hoping he shares with the board.

In the meantime, chat with him Saturday night, he is

a likeable young man with training wisdom way beyond

his years.

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Don't worry, Roark, I will.  Hope he tells me something good!!  :)

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Guest reid73

Actually mud would be pretty decent way to train anytype of pull I would think.Pulling the weight out of the mud would make for an interesting twist to just picking it up off of the floor..If I remeber one of the great olympic lifters of all time (a russian the super Heavy)used to practice snatches and cleans in waste deep water..I bet it has a similar effect as useing bands and Chains..I dont know if Im gonna run out and train in the mud but it may have some merit .


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Remenber Ellington Darden's piece in Strength & Health

Mar 1970 'Muscles With Mud' ? It shows him in a mud pit.

It remains the dirtiest article ever to appear in a muscle


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Do you want to hear a DIRTY joke??

Five white horses fell in the mud.

Wanna hear a DIRTIER joke??

SIX white horses fell in the mud.  :p  :p

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At the AOBS, I got the chance to meet and talk to John Wood.  I asked him about his training method that helped him lift the Inch rep.  He talked about the bench, and how to use it.  Also met his famous dad, Cincinatti strength coach Kim Wood.  What an amazing night it was!!  :)

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