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Galvanized Nails


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How will a galvanized nail compare to one that is not? For example, if you have two nails that are alike in every other way, but one is galvanized, will there be any difference? Isn't it just a coating?

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My experience with this is it doesn't matter. Some batches are hard and some can be very soft and Galv usually cost more.

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I think it matters. I used to bend lots of 60D Timber ties, and the less galvanizing, the easier they were to bend. I also purchased some Galvanized regular 60D's at a lumber supply store, and they are the toughest 60D's I have ever tried, basically like the "Shiny" Super 60D's that people talk about.

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I read an article on steel and I learned that if you take a nail (or steel) and galvanize it, the heat process removes some of the strength. I too have some really tought galvanized nails but from what I've learned, they would be even tougher if they weren't galvanized.


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