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Bodyweight Plus On The G-Rex


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Using my own bodyweight AND adding on some weight plates, I managed to hold 300 pounds on the ol' G-Rex today!!  :)  :)  

Man.... this is exciting!!  Can anyone who has a G-Rex share a similiar experience??  My destiny is limitless now!!!  :)

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I'm gonna go for a new PR tomorrow.... wish me luck!!  :)

No, I don't cheat.  I'd be only cheating myself if I did.  I can feel the results already.  Wow.... this is great!!  :)  :)

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UPDATE:  I went for broke on the G-Rex, and I think I've found my limit.  And it was a true grip moment!!  :)

I put on 150 pounds of weight plates, then stepped on it... and my hands could only hold it for a few seconds.  Total weight:  380 pounds.  

Then I took off 25 pounds, and did it again.  Took off another 25, and repeated the process.  Then with 100 pounds on the G, and with my BW - I was able to do a few reps.

I got off the machine.... and my forearms were FRIED!!!  Fried and on fire.... I couldn't believe the pump, it was incredible!!

This begs the question:  has anyone done 400+ pounds on the G-Rex??  ???

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How are you using this machine. Are you holding it shut and then stepping on, or are you stepping on and then closing it?

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The G-Rex 621 is the grip machine designed and produced by Richard Sorin.  You can go to his site, and that's where you'll find the info on it:



On the heaviest weight, I am pulling it shut first, THEN standing on it.  I don't have the strength to close it while I'm on it!!  Here's the pic on how I do it:


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                     Don't forget, the chassis of the G-Rex already weighs 30 pounds with no plates on it, so you actually hit 410.  By the way, are you holding that weight with one hand or two?

                                                John D.

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Actually, Richard told me at the AOBS that the carriage weighed 47 pounds.... I didn't even realise this.   ???

When I did it, I held it with two hands at first, then with ONE for a few seconds.  A few reps later.... stick a fork in me; I'm done.  My forearms were pumped like you wouldn't believe!!

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Guest 103-1023791186

Hi there Snott,

How are you progressing with the negatives,on the G-REX,

have you upped the weight since you started doing them,how does this affect the work that you are able to do on the grippers,more or less,and do you do the G-REX.on the same day as the grippers.

i wish that i could have been at theAOB dinner with you all,to

be surrounded by some of the greats of grip,must have been awsome.

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Yes, I do the grippers on the same day as the G-Rex; sort of as a "cool down" after punishing negatives on the machine.  I am upping the weight tomorrow, so let's see what happens.

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