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100lb Plate 1 Hand C+p


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100lb Plate 1 hand C+P

This feat was mentioned over on the Anvil although it was just the a poster misreading a comment by someone.

It got me thinking whether there is anyone that could accomplish this feat.

Just picking up a 100lb plate one handed and holding it is tough. I don't know what it'd take to clean one like that.

But then to balance it and press it would require enormous wrist strength.

I tried it with just a 45 and it wasn't super easy in itself.

What do you guys think?

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I would say it is possible. 100lbs isn't that much to hold onto if there is a rim, i have lifted 2 rimmed 55s taped together. The hard bit, IMO would be the press. Ever seen anyone do an inverted kettlebell press? It would be like this but harder.

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Definatly possible by many strong lifters.

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Ok... Any of you want to attempt it and record it for us to see?

I'd really like to see good attempts.

When I went to test it out I picked up the 100lb plate and realized that I'd dropped the plate trying to clean it so it didn't progress more than that.

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