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Vertical wrist twist


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This morning I tried something new (to me).

Using the supported wrist roller, I had the rope coming

from the far side, up and over, toward me. Then rolled

the stack up about six inches, held it there, moved in close

so that my forearms were in the same position as they would

be at the top of a reverse barbell curl. So, elbows were by

my side, forearms were nearly vertical.

Then I simply twisted my hands downward, and back up.

Wonderful feel of direct action.

Keep your feet spread wide in case the rope breaks!

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Once you are in position to begin the wrist twist,

there is no pivoting at the elbow (as in a reverse

curl). Only the wrist pivots.

These are more effective with a supported wrist roller,

rather than on a simple wind-up bar that allows for more

upper arm involvement.

Worth a try.

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In this morning's workout, I included some more of

these wrist twists. Wonderful exercise.

If you are searching for a forearm extensor exercise,

shine the spotlight on this movement.

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Guest Jeff Roark


Since I am working with the wrist roller at this time I am also going to try this. Did you find that your poundage was reduced or improved? You are still rolling it up aren't you? I think I seen where Jowett said that this style was one of the best ways to use a wrist roller.  The picture shows him in the the reverse curl complete postion with the wrist roller. Oh yeah Joe, I attended the Kentucky Strongamn this weekend and talked with a man that has some very rare live footage, he said he would get it to me. I'll let you know what comes of it because it may could be of interest to you also...

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I must use less weight, but that's okay because it

is a direct link to the target muscle.

I alternate these with reverse curls or sometimes

hammer curls.

Thanks for think of me with the footage- let me

know, please.

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