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Ironmind Blue goes down


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I finally U-shaped the Ironmind "blue" nail (6"x1/4" HRS) in this morning's workout using the "spike-bending" style.  Thanks to everyone for their advice.  It took me about two months after U-shaping the IM Yellow.  I think that my initial improvements up to the yellow were a matter of learning technique, and that I had to increase my wrist strength to get the blue.  I am doing sledgehammer leverages to front, rear (most important) as well as supinating and pronating.

       Next week I will try one of the tough 60 penny nails I purchased a few months ago.  I will also start progressions with 3/8" Aluminum stock to keep progressing towards two 60 pennies taped together.

Thanks again for the advice everyone !


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Thanks Jesse.

                 My technique is the so-called "spike-bending" style.  This involves a double underhand grip with the pinkies close together in the middle of the nail and both hands under your chin. I then try to keep my wrists rigid and pull downwards towards my abdomen, bending the nail using my lats and triceps. Part way through the bend I have to re-grip as the knuckles of my hands start to touch.  The nail is then crushed down to finish it.

         I think the sledgehammer leverages to the rear have given me the supporting wrist strength to perform this bend.  I am currently leveraging 8-1/4 lbs to the rear.  In order to bend Ironmind Red, I think I will nedd to leveraging a 16 lb. sledge and overhead pressing 300lbs or so !


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