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Apollon's Axle Records


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Does anyone know what the absolute (unlimited bodyweight) records are for the Apollon's Axle alternate grip deadlift, and also for the double overhand deadlift?

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I'm not sure if any official records are kept for the Appollon's Axle lifts.

Matt Graham officially did a 540 lb. double overhand deadlift on a 2" bar at our Super Grip Challenge.  This may be the most ever done in this manner, but of course I cannot be sure.  IT is the most ever done in this lift  in the USAWA/IAWA record books.  I have never seen an Appollon's Axle but I believe it is also a 2" bar with non revolving sleeves which would be similiar to the bar we use.

Matt also did 600 and just missed 650 using an alternate grip on a 3" bar so I think it is safe to assume that he could do quite a bit more with an Appollon Axle.

Pictures of some of these lifts can be found at www.purepowermag.com if you're interested.

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Thanks for the reply Kevin.  Those are some monster lifts!  I also know your lifts are obscenely high, because I lurk on the USAWA website nearly every day.  I'm planning on competing in the Super Grip Challenge this year, but I'm still not sure of the date yet.  And no one is more qualified than you to confirm the date for me.  I received an e-mail from Joe Garcia over a month ago stating that it would be sometime in October (?), and to keep checking the USAWA website, which I've been doing every day.  I still haven't seen the date or location posted, and am getting kind of nervous, since I'm law enforcement, and need almost an entire month of notice to take time off.  Again, I really appreciate the reply to my previous post, and am looking forward to meeting you at the Challenge this year. :D

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The Super Grip Challenge is tenatively set for October 19th.  We are having it later this year so it won't conflict with the IAWA world championships which are earlier this year.  Also my farm work slows down a bit by then.  The contest will be here at our training facility which is located near Litchfield NE which is in the middle of the state.  I look forward to meeting you at the contest.  The entries will hopefully be in the next USAWA newsletter.  In the meantime if you have questions, e-mail me at kevinnamy@nctc.net  Thanks for your interest!


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