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Gripper Positioning

paul valpreda

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I have noticed that since I've been working hard lately on my pinch-gripping, using both plates and the TTK, the thumb-pads on my hands are getting thicker. This is making it very difficult to position a gripper in my hand because I have to squeeze the gripper partially closed to fit it properly before squeezing it shut. Do any of you have the same problem? If so, what did you do about it?


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I think it's pretty much the same for everybody Paul. I would say that a big thumb pad is an advantage to close a tough gripper.

When I position the gripper, I use my free thumb to place the bottom handle high in my palm and I use index and major fingers of the free hand to place the top handle around my fingers. I push as low as I can with these 3 fingers before wrapping my pinkie around the handle. However, you have to do it pretty fast. Positionning the gripper takes me about 1 second.

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I agree with everything Tou just said. My only problem is it takes me about 3secs to do it.

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I'll have to try this method. My old method just doesn't work anymore and it was getting frustrating! I hope the thicker thumb pads make a positive difference when using the grippers. Right now, I feel like I'm starting over. Positioning is critical and I need to change due to the thickness of my hands increasing.

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Guest JoeQ1966

I have this problem it seems also..I have had my Ivanko supergripper for about 8 years and have worked on it alot..It was a real comfortable gripper for me to use..Well I just got my coc 2 and 3 and what a wake up call it was..I am finding myself wrestling with them to get the best feel and they are actually tearing my hands up some..I have average length hands but they are thick from doing hand exercises for years.

              good luck         Joe

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