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Guest JoeQ1966

hello everyone,,I am new to the board and have been reading about being certified on the coc grippers..my question is how do you get certified and where..How does the certification work,,do you have a certain way to pic up the gripper..can you position it in any way..Any info would be appreciated

    thanks         Joe

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From the FAQ section of this board:

This is what you have to do to get certified by Ironmind. When you can close Ironmind's Captain of Crush #3 gripper, give Ironmind Enterprises a call at 530-265-6725. They will refer you to a gym or person in your area that can serve as a credible witness to you closing the #3 gripper. Your witness needs to sign a letter stating that they saw you close the #3 gripper with one hand, without assistance from any other part of the body, and that the gripper handles touched completely. You will also need to provide them with a photograph showing the gripper handles touching completely, and a "torso" shot so people can see what you look like. The photos are then sent to Ironmind Enterprises, Inc. P.O. Box 95959, Nevada City, CA 95959 USA. I hope this helps all who need this information, as I look forward to seeing some familiar names join me on the list soon! Steve Weiner

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First of all, you can certify only on the #3 and #4. To do it, you have to fully close a #3 or #4 with one hand only. You have to be witnessed by someone choosed by Ironmind and a pic has to be taken. the pic must show a close of of your close (the hand with the gripper closed in it). The # must be visible and the handles must touch completely.

The spring of the gripper has to be up when you close it. Chalk is the only substance allowed on the hand. You can position the gripper any way you want but your free hand must stay 1 feet from the gripper when you close it.

For more info, request a catalog at Ironmind. All the rules are in it.


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