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Vince Basile


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Hello Everybody,

I have been to see Vince Basile the last few days. Vince has one of the largest gyms I have seen and he has an amazing selection of machines, many built by Vince himself. I just played around really yesterday but today we did some pinch lifting and Vince proved his mettle. We used the same basic apparatus as we will use for the Australian Grip Champs. Vince has made one which is like a pinch lift bar so it's a full deadlift off the floor with a pinch lift on 2" width.

We worked up to some nice weights. Vince did an astonishing 135kg! Mighty impressive in anyone's mind. Perhaps even more so as Vince is 59 years old although he looks a good 10 years younger. Vince is improving his all round grip strength too. He's closing the no.2 gripper and has good forearm strength too. He'll be a threat in any grip competition. Vince's knowledge of bodybuilding and the Iron Game is excellent too - he has MANY stories (not while we're training please Vince :D ).

I just wanted to let you all know that Vince is a genuine pinch grip enthusiast and a gentleman too. He kindly allowed us to use his gym and I really enjoyed the biceps and triceps machines we played on. For someone who really has only just begun to train arms this was an eye opener.

Vince's machine is very nice. I haven't tried it properly yet but I will. I'm still not overly keen on the idea of washing the hands and the pinch block but it's innovative for sure. Anyway, Vince proved that he is very strong. He comes from a bodybuilding background and I think this is why he sometimes doesn't grasp certain elements of the strength side - although like I said he's strong, all round.

Arthur came to yesterdays training so he might tell you about that. Not much exciting from me as I'm just building back.

So, we now have a few really good grippers in Australia and I have discovered another talent too in my good friend Mick Hodge. Closing a hard no.2 first time and getting a no.3 to 1/2". He also did a 260kg partial deadlift and he's NEVER ever done a deadlift. A future star for sure.

The future of grip is looking good!


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Thanks for those kind words, Nick. I enjoyed meeting you and your friends. Nick brought his beautiful and charming wife along for a workout and she is a true gem. They sure are a nice couple together.

Nick modestly forgot to mention that he did 140 kg in the two-hand pinch and it was not quite his limit. I think the apparatus was a bit rough on his skin between the thumb. The way he lifted that heavy weight I believe he can soon do 150 kg and then who knows?!

Nick has never trained in a commercial gym and yesterday did most of his exercises with free weights. Tonight he tried 4 biceps machines and 4 triceps exercises. On one curl machine he nonchalantly put on 60 kg and curled away oblivious to how much weight he was using. I haven't seen anyone using that much weight on that machine. So Nick is very strong in lots of movements.

Nick closed a number 3 last night after doing one hand heavy deadlifts. You could hear it grinding while closed and he held it closed for some time. Very impressive. He also easily curled a 20 kg plate yesterday and today. I got 25 pounds but couldn't quite do the 35 pound. I don't train biceps much since tearing a biceps doing a 509 pound dead lift in 1978.

Nick didn't try my pinch grip machine but yesterday, after he finished his workout, he had a few attempts without washing hands or cleaning the pinch block. He got 40 kg and both my son and I were very impressed because we haven't seen anyone do that much without first cleaning all the bodyoils off the shiny stainless steel block or washing the hands. Perhaps he will have a go next week and I have no doubt he will do very well.

Nick is a gentleman and we got along fine. I just have so much information to tell him that I seem to be talking all the time. Next week I want to hear his stories! :)

Vince Basile

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I'm glad you have done well. You should have some good times training with Nick, I've had many. Now you have got the pinch lift trully up there, it's time to get serious and get the rest of the grip champs lifts up, and give Nick, Bruce and the rest of them a run for their money. It looks like it will be fun. One final thing, if only you had introduced yourself like this initially.

Good luck with your training, David

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Guest baldy

Great to hear that you guys got together to train. Nick, it is cool of you to post this.

Vince, I know that your primary interest is pinching and within that interest your favorite apparatus is your pinch machine. However, the rumor here is that you have done a one hand pinch on plates with well over 100 lbs (I think 115 lbs was the number given?) many years ago. Is there any chance of you training on plates again to beat this personal best? Thanks in advance for your reply.

One final thing, if only you had introduced yourself like this initially.

BTW, I second David's remark.

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Hi Baldy,

If Vince trained on the grip lifts, and I think he will, then he will do some damage. He has large, well developed forearms and is strong like I said before. He lifted 135kg very comfortably 'back' wise.

I'll try to get to see Vince once a week whilst I am in Sydney. He really is a character and a well informed man. I have to agree with David and yourself that his introduction into grip (for us) was a little bombastic - but that's Vince and he really means nothing by it. Also, I'd like to add that Vince's son, Zorba, was really helpful and as a sports scientist is a very knowlegdeable individual. You'd be hard pushed to find a better establishment to train in, in Sydney or anywhere else.

On formula, Vince wouldn't be that far off the already legendary Bruce White - so make of that what you will!


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