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What Else To Do Besides Coc Grippers?


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I know I'm neglecting a lot of my fingers, and probably many other muscles in my hand...

What else should I be doing besides the grippers?

I do forearm work, such as wrist rolls, reverse curls, etc. But I'm probably missing other things.

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Thickbar, Blob work, Tearing, Bending...and the list goes on....

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IMO the big 5 are grippers, pinch (ttk, blocks, plates), wrist extension work (wrist roller / formulator), finger extension work (rubber bands), and dexterity balls.

Assuming you lift weights, this group will keep you healthy and build the base needed to specialize on grip feats. I think sometimes there is a tendancy to focus on feats before taking the time to build base strength. I know I'm guilty of it.

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Grippers are all there is and ever should be. :D

I know that you are joking...but IMO grippers are overrated and not by any means to be listed on any "top five" list of beneficial grip strength excercises. They are fun though and have the most appeal of all grip strength related items and I'm guilty of it myself doing them too much. But I built the base first with other types of exercises, pretty much in a way that David Horne writes about in his article. Beginner is better of training in a way he suggests in his outstanding article about building base strength. Here's a link. Or take the route that Brookfield advices to do in Mastery of Hand Strength. Either way you'll do better in the long run than you will do if you focus solely on grippers.

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