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I'm trying to prepare myself for the US Championships and wondering how much weight some of these guys will do on certain lifts? I have absolutely no idea what people are capable of for three lifts. The ring/pinky deadlift, double over apollons axle and the two hand pinch. All are for a max. Would someone kindly tell me what are really good #s and what are respectable numbers to get on these lifts. Right now I have nothing to shoot for. Anyone here going? Really appreciate anyones feedback.

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Check Jim Wylie's website. It contains all the UK records.

Also check usawa.com for american records.

I think that AA deadlift over 400 would be great and 180 2 hand pinch is very solid.

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Are you training on those lifts now?  And if so.... what are the weights you are using?  ???

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For the double pinch I got 153lbs and held it for about 15secs.

For the ring/pinky I use old socks for loops and got 275lbs.

Yesterday I paid seven bucks to train at a gym with a bar a little thicker than two inches and after much grip work tried the double over deadlift, only got a little over three hundred though.

I have only tried these once so hopefully with practise I will improve quickly.

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