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Workout with Rick Walker


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I just got back from my training session with Rick Walker, and boy do I feel weak.  First off, his home gym is very cool, complete with all the essentials.  We started out with some deadlifts, and rick worked up to well over 700lbs on his PDA farmers.  I managed a relatively pitiful 250lb one-handed deadlift on one of the farmers.  Then on to Bench press, where I wasn't quite so miserable.  We did some heavy singles, then on to the grip portion of the workout.  :D

We both did some warmups with the #1, and then on to a #3 attempt with "eye of the tiger" playing.  Both of us managed to get the #3 down to about 1/4"-1/8".  I was also able to close his PDA 387 in-lb gripper and he closed my 378 in-lb gripper as well.  After that we did some pinch grip and both of us hoisted up two 35 lb plates for a couple of singles.  I also made an attempt at pinching five 10 lb plates together, but was unable to do so.  We also pinched his 111 lb anvil (two handed), but its horn is so fat I couldn't lift it.  We also played around with my rolling thunder, and outer limits loops.

All in all it was a fun workout, and I look forward to working out with Rick again. :)

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How I'd like to live close to anyone who could train grip with me.

You are a strong SOB too RiotGrip. You did the same as Rick except the DL. And Rick is a very strong guy.

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Yeah, it was cool.  I had a chance to play with some tools I havent used too often.  You had some awesome grippers-ones that I cant even fathom closing!  The Rolling Thunder was cool as well.

 Riot pinched my 2 grey 35s-I havent been able to get these bastards off the ground and after some re-chalking-Riot got them up quite easily.  It was cool to see.  Also-your levering of the 16-pound hammer with such a long handle was a feat that I was unable to match :crazy !

 I am a pretty pathetic bencher so I was happy that I stayed with Riot pound for pound.  335 stapled us both-that aint bad considering I am about 195 and Riot is around 208-210.  He has a huge upperbody-and I am glad we didnt get the dip bar out cause i would have been humbled.

 We are both close to that #3-like I said, I was hoping yours was easy so i could close it :D   we were both wrong.  That lift with the outer limit loops was impressive as well!

 As far as the deads go-a little low back work and you could be pulling mid 500s to low 600s.  You have the size and body shape to be a puller-it just takes time and countless hours of pulling that bar!

 In all-it was a good session and my hands are still hurting.  I hope you enjoy your viewing of Get A Grip and Kinney nailing that #4 motivates you-Hope to do it again

Rick Walker :hehe

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Once again, the workout was awesome.

But Rick, I have to say the Kinney video you lent me was truly amazing.  I've heard countless people on this board give it accolades.  But I had to see it for myself.  Despite the cheezieness of the filming, watching the #4 and a six pack of Coors go down was utterly amazing.  

Thanks again for the workout and the tape.

Train hard

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What's with that Habs sign ?  :angry: It's the thing I hate the most in this world : Habs. I was a Nordiques fans all my youth and I now cheer for anyone who plays against the Habs.

I think you live in Canada but it's a long ride going from Québec to anywhere in Canada.

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I'd love take you up on you offer to train sometime.  I'd like to see a real gripper train and see what's possible in the grip world.

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Nathan, I'm in Québec City. It would be about the same distance going across Canada or going East and go over Europe and Asia to meet you.

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