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Plate Calibration For Mi Contest

Bob Lipinski

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Individual plates:














Grey Collars: 10 lbs. 0.80 oz. (Dave prefered these collars)

Pipe plus two sleeve collars: 10 lbs. 14.4 oz.

2 metal plates plus 3 large rubber inserts: 36 lbs. 2.80 oz.

1 small rubber insert: 1 lb. 12 oz.

1 large rubber insert: 3 lbs. 10.4 oz.

Base pinch: 127.39 (pipe, sleeves, 2 collars, 2 plates+3 large rubber inserts, 2 35's weighed above) Attempts less than this will use 2 45 pound plates.

For the v-bar setup:

V-bar: 3.5

V-bar adapter: 2.56

Plates: 232.55 (all cap 45's)

Total for base v-bar setup: 238.61. Attempts less than this will use FBBC v-bar.

For contest purposes, all plates will be added at face value, and v-bar+adapter will equal 5 pounds. Pinch setup will equal 125 pounds.

To break the world record, 377.5 in plates will be needed, equalling 386.83. For the total world record, around 695 will be needed.

To make the top 100, 280 in plates would be needed, making 287.93. For the top 100 total, around 455 will be needed.

4 more plates need to be calbrated for the pinch setup.

All plates were calibrated at the Barlow Street post office in Traverse City MI by me.

Pinch setup (minus plates) was calibrated at the post office in Three Rivers, MI by Ryan Klein.

LGC v-bar was calibrated at the post office in Michigan center, MI by Dave Thorton's wife.

Plates were weighed to the hundredths of an ounce, converted to pounds, and rounded down to the nearest hundredth of a pound.

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Good job.

However I recommend to not use the plates



on the pinch setup.

Thats a two big imbalance (2.36#) on the thumb or finger side respectively.

With the heavier plate on the finger side a good lift might result in a no lift when switching sides.

Just a thought.

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Thanks Frank!

None of the 45's will be used on the pinch setup anyway- They have a larger diameter than the metal pinch plates and make the implement akward.

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Ah, makes sense.

Thanks for the clarification, Bob.

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I will list the brands when I complete the final calibration- Within the week.

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3: 9.46

4: 9.13

2 unmarked 25's:

24.8, 25.76

The initial plates are either cap or unbranded with simply "standard" written on them. The above plates are "AFNA" brand.

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To make the top 100 in the pinch, 165 pounds on my setup is needed. To break the world record, 235 is needed.

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...top 50...

Good luck with the competition. Should be some outstanding lifting.

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