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IM's Eagle Talons


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Im finally planning on starting serious grip work.  I had been thinking about it for awhile but now I have the cash to do so.  Since I'm cheap i think that I will start with the #2, but the question is whether you think it would be a good idea to get the eagle talons as well, I am interested in finger strength for a number of reasons, for one I would like to be able to palm a basketball and have so far been unsuccessful.  So how are the eagle talons as far as using them goes?  Are they confortable to use?  How bad do finger lifts really hurt?  I know I will be able to handle it but i want to be prepared. ;) Also, how does finger strength like that translate into real world things? It would seem to be very useful but then I am not actually experienced yet so your views would be useful.

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not to sound picky or anything but it would be nice to have someone give an opinion on these before i go ahead and blow $25 bucks on them, thats a lot of dishes you know.  Anyone have an opinion on these things?

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I have the Eagle Talons and like them.  If you want to spend $25 on something else there are other ways to train your extensors, but if not go for it.

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