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Guest Jeff Roark

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Guest Jeff Roark

I am sure plenty here are interested in your training, you know I am because I have asked you several times about it. You haven't give much away in terms of your training. Why don't you share a bit with us on what you do. Thats one fine pea-shooter you got there, very close to the look I am gunning for, ooops did I say look? #### yes I want to look as if I lift, and right now I only look like I eat. Please share Pat.

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Geez Jeff, I'd hate to know what being put on the spot is (just kidding).  Here goes (grip work):

Recently I have been training grippers daily, real hard max effort singles (#3 and above) coupled with realy fast grinding stuff on easier grippers for cooldown, some have been filed to go "past the range".  Like Wannagrip says, it's not enough to just hold a gripper closed, squeeze like your life depends on it.  I have been doing a lot of nail bending as well, at least 3-4 days a week, at least a couple medium 60d's each day to keep up with the form (strict), and some real hard stuff at least twice a week.  To help with wrist work for bending, I have been doing plate wrist curls twice a week.  I'm focused on improving the bending for a run at the Red, so I have laid off the RT, LBH, pinch, thick DB's etc..  Just too much to focus on.  Bottom line is I really enjoy grippers and bending.

If you want my honest opinion, I believe most of my size and tendon strength was built long before I was exposed to all these great grip toys we have now.  I have ridden and raced off-road bicycles and motocross since I've been a teenager.  That certainly helps.  I have also worked in the tree-care industry late 80's-early 90's.  Let me tell you, climbing up ropes and straight arming a chainsaw while tied into a tree(and cutting one-handed) hanging onto your rope with the other hand will really help.  Short of doing that, I would say anything using a rope (rope lat pulldowns, rope chins, or rope climbing) is a good substitute.  I would also add levering of hammers, plates, or whatever from all angles to replicate the chainsaw work. I am also a huge fan of chopping wood, with an axe or splitting maul.  

As you probably sense, I don't buy into the overtraining theory too much.  I learned quickly doing that type of work for 8-14 hours a day, then working out with weights, that the body will adapt to just about anything (at least for me).  

I hope this helps.  Good luck, if you've been eating a lot like you say, might I suggest a longer fork and bigger bites for some added wrist work. :D

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Blow me down Terminator!

I definitely agree on the ability to do daily grip work! :)


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Here's my DAILY grip workout routine:  (do this EVERYDAY).

You see a door.

Grab the doorknob.  Twist open.

Walk through the door, twisting the knob again (closed).

Do this several times a day, using several different doors.

OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH BABY!!!  That'll get you those "Popeye" forearms YOU'VE been dreaming about!!  :p  :p

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Snott, what are you talking about?

Pat will bend the Red soon I think. He has some "60 penny nails" that are unreal.  I've bent some 60's, they are like toothpicks compared to these things.......

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