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whos going to win the British IG champs?

Guest scott essery


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  1. 1. whos going to win the British IG champs?

    • David Horne
    • Jim Wylie
    • Steve (mobster) Gardener
    • Michael Daly
    • Brian Carlton
    • Eliz Talbot

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Guest 115-1005574997

Please don’t take this vote too seriously as i thought it would just be fun to see who everyone thinks will win the British Iron Grip Championships on 3rd August 2002.

David Horne - need we introduce the guy.  A legend in the world of grip lifting who has not only set the standard, he has defined the sport broken some of the most historic of records and holds just about every grip feat there is!  One of the greatest all rounders in history, now hes 24hours away from his 40th birthday is it time to step aside for the next generation of lifters?

Jim Wylie - possibly the greatest talent to emerge in the last decade.  At just 25 Jim is a COC, has lifted an inch replica, holds the vbar record at a staggering 233k and many other feats.  Will the young pretender have enough all round ability to dethrone the master?

Steve Mobster Gardener - a regular poster, owner of the millennium dumbell and holder of the weaver stick record.  Confident of success and keen to show that not all southeners are soft, will he emerge to take the title?

Michael Daly - Strongman from Scotland with outstanding deadlifting and farmers walk ability.  will the quiet goliath cause a revolution on the day!

Brian Carlton - An American on a mission to show the Brits the yanks don’t just close grippers!  But can he?

Eliz Talbot - possibly the strongest woman in history (grip wise).  Invited to the WSW last year beating Jill Mills and other finalists in events, and at only 18 years of age.  With a personal best vbar of 142k and pinch lifts of 70k.  With her age, weight and gender allowances will the fairer sex humiliate the men?

As I said please don’t take it seriously and if ive been inaccurate with my summing up do let me know.

What is serious is that everyone will want to win and only one person can be crowned British Iron Grip Champion!  :D

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Yikes!  I wish you had asked who is least likely to win.  Looking at the list of names I get a sudden sinking feeling in my chest!  I fully expect to see zero votes for me as I'm too inexperienced to really make any noise at this year's competition.  

However, I do expect to best my personal lifts.  I expect to learn a lot and it's this information that I'll take with me to make me better in the future.  I expect to enjoy the competitive atmosphere immensely and do my best on that day.

Finally, and without sounding too sappy, and with partial alterior motives   ;) , I know that by competing, I'm helping to promote the sport.


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You'll have a great time I promise. Just do your best, and I hope you take lots of tips back to the U.S. Yes, Thanks for supporting your sport.

We shouldn't forget that there are 2 other CoC's competing. These are Martin Whittred and Paul Preece. I'm also trying my best to get Chris James up. These are all good guys. It'll be very close.


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Kinda off the subject.... how long do you think it'll take Chris James to completely lift the Inch overhead??  I know he has been training to do it for a long time, AND he's real close to doing it.  But as of late, I haven't heard anything about it.

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I don't know. He's a really strong guy, but doesn't seem to enjoy the limelight. I hope he comes up for the grip comp, or at least some other comp. Wether he comes or not, I'm going down to view one of his training sessions, and will take some grip toys down.


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Guest 115-1005574997

I think Eliz will do better than a lot of people think and I apologise for not including Martin and Paul Preece.

Chris is a fantastically gifted and extremely modest guy, but doesn’t seem to enjoy competitions, so will have to wait and see.


Chris has the ability to get it over head and will do so one day.  Don’t forget the guy is quite young and has plenty of time.

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