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Wrist Pain?

Muscle Turtle

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Everytime I try to do a pony clamp or any kind of thumb movement, my wrist is messed up for 3 plus days. Hurts in the bone right below the thumb.

Anyone, had this pain before?

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There is a bone in the wrist below the thumb called the scaphoid or navicular.hopefully this is not what your injury involves.i gad a scaphoid fx and did not know it.the symptom was a sharp pain i had when leverage applied to wrist when riding my mcycle.i had it for 2 years but did not feel like other fx i had before.i had a bike accident and xray of wrist.dx was scaphoid fx.arm cast for 8 wks.

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Hopefully you have soft tissue injury which will heal.if in doubt,xray will diagnose.maybe see a hand surgeon to rule out.can google injury described.sorry i cannot set up link as i am using my sprint phone.the scaphoid receives its own blood supply which depending on what part is injured,can be problematic. hopefully you will be fine with just rest.

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i broke my scaphoid right in half. i didn't get it fixed for a year, using the rest of the bones with the scaphoid out of place for such a long time messed me up and i had to get a surgery to correct it. i have trouble levering sledges with that hand but other than that it healed up fine.

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