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Double blob deadlift


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While we are on the subject of double deadlifts maybe we should ask the question: 'can any man deadlift two 50lb blobs and take them or a walk?'.

Seeing the photo of Heath casually standing with the 40lb and 45lb ers makes me think this could done. The next problem is getting two 50lb blobs in the same room as a man who fancies his chances at pulling off this feat.

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I think you could be right wannagrip! That blob doesn't seem to be causing him too many problems in either hand!

Living in the UK is a pain in the ass sometimes in respect to getting your hands on blobs, inch dumbbells etc :(. I would really love to try a blob for myself. Are blobs particularly hard to come by in the states or are they in ready supply?

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Order a 100lb solid York dumbbell from one of their dealers. Bummer, it appears you cannot order from them directly anymore or off their web site.

Cut the handle off.


Two real 50lb blobs.


I have a 45lber myself. About a year ago when I was training with it, I was close to breaking it from the ground. But, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades!  :hehe

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I say, Wade, Phister, and Jim could do it.  I don't like to scream big hands, but this is kind of a must with these I think.  Also, I think they have the sweep strength needed.....

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Guest baldy

Don't forget Scott Clayton. Though I have never seen him blob lift I have a feeling he would be able to take 2 of the 50's for a ride.

Wade for sure. I think you would have a good shot at it too Jim, though you claim to have a weak pinch. "Weak" relative to your other lifts would still be a world class pinch.

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I think that the walk with the Blobs is the "easiest" of the three feats discussed so far today. Any walk with the Inches (combined weight 344lbs) or the Millennium Challenge dumbells (452lbs) would obviously be an all-round greater strength challenge compared to walking with the Blobs (100lbs), regardless of the difficulty of holding onto the objects involved. I would say that there are any number of men who could do this feat right now, those mentioned above and probably a few more.

I agree Jim - I live in England and have had to make most of my training toys myself.

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A friend who ran a gym gave me several broken

dumbells when the gym went out of business.

Perhaps a gym owner who does not want to weld broken

bells back together would make you a good deal?

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I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Anyone who wants to go "halfsies" with me - I'll do the dirty work.  I'll get the 100 pound York dumbbell, cut it off where it needs it, and I'll ship it anywhere it needs to go.  That way, you'll have a "Blob" of your own.  Just e-mail me.

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